Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Just a weird thought

Sometimes I just have to share weird stuff and in this case the weird stuff is not a fish that walks (although I like that thought) it is something that has been rambling around in my brain in the last few days. Now right off the bat I need to share that Uranus in Pisces is ending its very long stay in my 12th house. Uranus is the oddest planet in the zodiac, where ever it goes it brings the strange, unusual and goofy. The 12th house is the mysterious, unworldly, SciFi house and it can be the crazy house. Although, actually there is crazy in every house but at the very least the 12th house is a very active imagination house.
Having said all of that---let me tell you some stuff I can't shake.

As we all know Haiti is THE news story and I have had a crash course in the history of the island like the rest of you. One thing I knew before the earthquake was that Christopher Columbus landed on Haiti when he "discovered" America and within two hundred years it was a vital colony to Europe and a slave state. What I have learned since the Earthquake (as the various news agencies filed their stories) is that Haiti had a successful slave result around the time of the French Revolution and became a free black republic. ( The only one is our hemisphere). And now here we are with the first African American president who has no ancestral history of slavery in a position to help Haiti who is perhaps in its most dire strait since slavery. I feel like there is this huge cosmic connection which I can't prove but it keeps rattling around in my brain as I try to connect some dots. Then fate kind of messed with Uranus in my 12th house one more time when one of the other news stories to come out yesterday was a gun man in Virginia was arrested in Appomattox, Virgina where of course The Civil War ended. I don't believe I have ever seen Appomattox in a major news story in my lifetime. Seriously, it is only a name I know from history books or that perfunctory scene where Robert Lee and Sherman signed something and handed a pistol or did something that some guy at MGM directed them to do.
Anyway, all I keep thinking is that there is some huge cosmic, karmic thing going on. I don't know what it is but I can't shake it.
I may come back with an astro angle but for right now it could just be my own personal astro in the mix as Uranus sends electricity to some goofy part of my brain as it wraps up it's final months in my 12 house.

And if you don't mind, I must now walk my fish.


  1. Woah, Tracy, you sure put enough dismissive disclaimers of 12th house insights in there! :)

    Here are some that came to me over the same time period:

    - reading MLK's I Have a Dream speech and seeing this phrase: 'the Negro lives on a lonely island of poverty in the midst of a vast ocean of material prosperity'.

    - a black contact on Facebook posted this as a status: "Behold, here cometh the dreamer. Let us slay him. And we shall see what will become of his dreams." Genesis 37:19-20 and the inscription on that MLK Memorial at the Lorraine Motel where MLK was assassinated.

    All combined I felt there was a very strong message from the Universe to the black community. I'm not black so all I could do is observe, witness and be somewhat in awe. Frankly I also became somewhat alarmed because I could feel (and understand) the strong bond and empathy U.S. blacks might have with blacks around the world - it could be stronger than any empathic bond they might have with a U.S. white person. I hope that makes sense. For me personally I'd relate more to a black American than to, say, a white in Sweden. I could see and feel that it might not be the same for blacks and, importantly, the blacks we have in power...

    We can ignore the race issue but I think it may've played a part in the MA election outcome. There was so much focus on black black black and I think they're being called to think about each other - become self-determining and more invigorated - but there's still a white population in this multi-cultural country and they're not all living cozily .. especially now.

  2. Yes, I guess was a bit dismissive about the 12th house but as one who has had Uranus transit for quite some time, I feel I can talk about the 'crazy' part of it. I too think Race is probably in the case for MA. But I also think that is a lot about Mars Retrograde in LEO. There was a perception that it was just going to go to the liberal since it was MA and it was Ted's old seat. Under that perception is EGO and that is LEO's nemesis. I mentioned it back on one of my new moons that we needed to watch Ego's blow up in people's faces. I think that was in the mix for MASS election.