Monday, January 25, 2010

Venus Versus Mars

On Wednesday January 27 Venus and Mars will be in opposition at 12:29am EST.

What a nice, fat, bitchy day. Tensions will be taught between love and action. We will want to be cozy with our friends, cozy with our goals for the community, cozy with our groups...all Venus in Aquarius. While at the same time we want to be a leader, we want to fight, we want to shine, we want actions that put us out there in the world because "I 'effin' have have the right solution" accent on I--perfectly Mars in Leo. Do you get the feeling that these two energies are directly opppose each other? Yep.
Others Versus Me. Do I want to be a resource (venus) for others (Aquarius)? Or do I want to fight and put all my energy (mars) and take care of me and my world first (Leo)?

Like I said a real bitch of an aspect and on will be an influence all week.
Here's the good news, we won't have Venus oppose Mars again until next year. So, take this challenging week and work your way through it. Oh, if you and your spouse fight like the dickens this week....don't personalize it. Let it go. It is just Mars and Venus doing their thing. Rise above it.

Curiously, Obama's State of the Union address takes place on Wednesday. I'm sure there will be a lot of talk about resources (Venus) versus actions (mars). See how often he says the word "fight"?


  1. Actually, I thought it was interesting how Obama talked tough (Mars) about the need for both parties to cooperate (Venus). I loved it. He seems to be energized and going on the offensive... but, well, not being offensive about it, yk?

  2. i missed the speech. i was at a community fundraiser. But when I read the reviews i did feel the mars venus. on another topic my friend who knows nothing of astrology said she felt the energy leave her body at noon. She said she had to take nap for three hours. I found my own energy very low. so glad that aspect is over.