Friday, January 29, 2010

Saturn Square Pluto - Part 2

Round 2: Saturn VS Pluto

January 31 4:27 PM EST

Well, we all know (since I go on and on about it) that since November (11/15) we have had tension between Saturn and Pluto. We had the first round in November the second is coming up and the third is in August. The thing is these guys travel with tough armament. Sledgehammers, bombs, scalpels, TNT, wrecking balls ---do these sound like puppies and flowers? Nope. It is a tough aspect and round two is Sunday (1/31). Of course, with the outer planets it does not mean it all happens on that day, in truth we have been feeling it all month(cough, cough, Haiti, Supreme Court, cough, cough) but god knows this weekend with the big ass full Moon adds to the tension. Sigh.

How we relate (Libra) is pushed and pulled by our need to evolve (Pluto) and we must build new structures (Saturn) for the greater world (Capricorn). What does that mean? Have you seen sledgehammers and wrecking balls in your relationships? How do your relationships work? Are you the strong one? Are you the weak one? Are you the funny one? Are you the great follower? Are you the leader? Whatever you are doing may or may not be working for you.

There is no doubt that a lot of the tension will be centered on money. One of my favorite lyrics of all time reminds me of Pluto in Capricorn, “I’ve got my mind on my money and my money on my mind.” When money is crunched and life gets twisted --what does it do to your relationships? How are you surviving? Less is more, right? If not, then you may have trouble on your hands. And this is ALL relationships. Not just spouses. Anyone you relate with is in the mix. You may scratch your head and say, “is this working?” I don’t care if you are alone and no wife or husband but you suddenly realize that your relationship with your dry cleaners is not suiting you. Or your relationship with your boss or your co-worker. All relationships are being scrutinized and if Pluto does not see the value----well, like I said, that relationship might not be there by the end of summer. Or perhaps you will be the one who makes the big changes and the relationship is stronger for it. It is hard to tell and that is probably why we are getting a few rounds of this aspect so that we have some time to figure stuff out.

FWIW, I think it is interesting that the World Economic Summit which is basically a BigMoney Big Shot convention is taking place in Davos, Switzerland this weekend. There is talk that they are going to step up and try to help Greece from going bankrupt. Can they do it? And at what cost? I feel sledghammers are flying through the air. Anyone remember that Ridley Scott Commercial ala 2001?

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  1. Funny you mention money and relationships.... my dh and I have had a few conversations about money in the past few days. Mostly less tense than usual, actually. Partly, I think because I reined myself in (Saturn) and partly because he acknowledged a few of my points. (guess that's the Libra part) We'll see how much we really manage to change...