Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sun Conjunct Venus

Monday January 11 4:06pm

Sun Conjunct Venus

Several times a year The Sun and The Venus will get in bed together, literally and figuratively. Usually this is a day that is a bit softer, cozier and warmer. Feelings move a bit easier amongst us earthlings. Not just romantically but just our humanitarianism is grooving with everyone. However, when the Duo get together in Capricorn (now) everything does have a tinge of practicality. “Oh, wow a new oven mitt! Just want I wanted.” What’s on your ToDo list? You can carve through a lot of it today. Especially if you need someone in authority to sign off on something. Cap is all about authority so reach out and get some of that good Mojo and work the boss.
A very nice way to start the week and by the time we get to the end of the week we’ll have a nice practical new moon in Cap.

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