Saturday, January 23, 2010

Books on Astrology

Having received numerous requests from many of you to offer up a list of "great books to learn astrology" I have been going through my shelves trying to cull something together. But as I go over many wonderful books I am just struck by the fact that the time we live in now is not condusive to many of my titles. Don't get me wrong, my books are wonderful but right now I don't see the point of giving you Allen Leo's astrology book which I got in the 1970's (I was a teen!) which is frankly too in depth for the average astro searching man and woman these days.
And there are plenty of books that are fantastic and well written by Tracy Marks, Alen Oken, Stephen Arroyo (love him), Liz Greene, Bernadette Brady, to name a very few. By the way, those titles only measure about one foot of my shelf. I've got plenty more feet of astrologers..

Anyway, I think it is best to respect every one's time crunched lives and come up with something that I think would serve you best. So, with that in mind I recommend The Parker's Astrology Book.

It is a beautifully written and laid out. A newby can easily 'get' astrology if they read this book and follow the chapters. You'll learn about the signs, the planets, the aspects, progressions and transits. Once you start to crack it, you'll want to draft your own chart which you can easily do on one of the many free sights (astrodiest my fav) and then you can read all about your aspects in the book, "Jupiter in the 3rd house. Jupiter in Aquarius". Once you read about your chart you will immediately want to read your friends and family charts. All easy peasy.

Having said that, once you get a handle on your chart there is one book that I implore you to run not walk to your nearest bookstore or again amazon and get, Astrology for the Soul by Jan Spiller. Learning about your nodes is VITAL and Jan's books is seminal on that topic.

Also, when you learn that you have, I dunno, Moon Square Pluto, you can google the different aspects and you'll find tons of descriptions of any aspect in your chart. There are many astrology forums with many gifted contributors.

God Speed and happy reading.

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