Thursday, January 28, 2010

Leo Full Moon

Full Moon
10 Degrees Leo 14

Friday January 30 - 1:18am

When the Moon is in Leo we are full of ourselves, we feel prideful, we feel our hearts swell, we are generous, we are magnanimous, we exaggerate (maybe lie), we brag, we try a little harder with someone because we care so big and we personalize everything. We just are simply three letters… B-I-G. Every 28 days we get a Moon in Leo. Great.

Now what do we do when that big ol’ dramatic Moon-- is Full? If we are smart we put on our flame proof suit and get ready for action. Okay now what do we do when the Full Leo Moon has got Mars the warrior on it? And the Sun is opposite with Venus in its hip pocket? I dunno but I can tell you Mr Steroid and Ms Diva are in the house.

Are we going to be evolved and stretch ourselves to go for our passion (Mars) and let our sincere (Leo) feelings (Moon) guide us while at the same time include community (Aquarius) and goals (sun) and love (Venus)?
Sounds great. Sign me up.
But at the same time when it comes to this full moon we could also feel stretched and tense (full ), argumentative (Mars) demanding, wanting, everything to change (Sun in Aquarius) and feeling unsure (Moon) of our resources (Venus).
I have a hard time getting my head around that this will be one of our garden variety Full Moon weekends. I gotta think there will be fireworks somewhere on Friday leaving a big mess for the weekend.

And it doesn’t help that the Saturn Squares Pluto on Sunday the 31st.
Thank God Saturn trines the Sun so won’t completely fall apart. Somewhere in the messy weekend we find a Spine and perhaps reign in the crazy.
Or maybe we hide in our chiropractor’s office.

ETA: Btw---the reason why this moon is So Damn due to its closest proximity to Earth. The closest this year. How perfectly Leo.

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