Friday, January 15, 2010

Surf the Wave

If you have not made your HAITI Donation yet... please do it this weekend. It is New Moon and when you plant seeds on New Moons they grow. The energy of your donation during this cycle will activate others. It is like riding a wave. When you plant or activate on the New you get the whole force of the wave behind your efforts.
Plant that seed now. You know how to find the various organizations who are helping. As I said earlier my personal favorite is OPERATION USA ...they have 4 stars in charity works. They run a very lean operation, I volunteered in their offices and they were dumpy. Which is great. No glamour..... 93 percent goes to HELP, not pay fancy buildings. That's top notch.


  1. Donation made. Thanks for recommending where to do it... and for the reminder to catch the New Moon energy.