Saturday, January 9, 2010

Saturn Turns Retrograde

On Wednesday January 13 10:56 am EST

Saturn Turns Retrograde at 5 degrees Libra. It will go backwards until May 30 at 28 degrees of Virgo. So for those of us who have got planets in Late Virgo (or Mutable signs) or early Libra (and cardinal signs) we will be feeling Saturn up our grill one more time. Remember, Saturn is the DAD planet, or the BOSS planet. What is not working here will be found out during this retrograde.

As always it is interesting to see where these outer planet retrogrades take place within the lunar cycle and in this case it is on the Balsamic part of the Sag Lunar cycle. Of course Saturn is about structure and organizing things that are important to us. Libra is relationships. This is the first retrograde by Saturn since it moved into Libra last Fall. Since it moved into Libra it is putting all our relationships on notice. We are learning a lot about our relationships and what we think is important. How we relate and how others relate to us. What we need from relationships. All of that is getting overhauled. This does not mean that we are just walking away and ditching it all. Instead we will be moving things around and shifting things. Libra is all about negotiations but Saturn is all about defining what is NOT negotiable. We have a lot of work in front of us and it will become more apparent during Saturn’s retrograde through the end of May. And again, please not that this retrograde is coming up during our Sag cycle where we come up with goals. It is specifically during the balsamic phase which means when we release goals that no longer work. Perhaps some goals we set on Sag new Moon will be released now for the benefit of our partners and relationships.


  1. I woke up on Thursday a bit down. Gee, could have been CNN last night with all the sad Haiti news? Yeah, probably. But at that same time Saturn is now retrograde and I am feeling it.
    I can feel the energy from Saturn in Libra. How do I relate? What do I even want to relate to and who? Don't we all wish we could go down there to Haiti and help with something practical? I dunno. The energy is different.

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