Monday, January 11, 2010

Capricorn New Moon 2010

January 15 2:11am EST

This Capricorn New Moon has a lot of positivity in it. Of course, Cap is not always comfortable in a positive enviroment. It likes doing hard work. But the interesting thing to me is that we are going to get this nice New Moon so we can mind out the magic in Capricorn cycle. And hopefully when the Sh*t hits the fan later this year and all the cardinal signs (Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn) start to gong, gong, gong..we'll be ready for the fall out. Afterall, we might as well learn from a master.

As always I have posted my whole article on Margaret Wendt's website but here is a snippet:

This Capricorn Lunar phase has Sun/Moon/Venus and North Node in conjunction which means they are all on top of each other talking non-stop about their future and how to accomplish it. They know that the potential for success with Capricorn is great. Capricorn is a goat and it can climb any mountain. And where others complain that the air is thin and there isn’t much vegetation, Capricorn just smiles and nods, “Yep, just the way I like it.” The bottom line is that Capricorn can be wildly ambitious but the irony is that it does not need that much to be happy, that is, besides success.

People with strong Capricorn in their chart (or 10th house) are driven to make their mark in the world. Whether they are the big shots in their town or in their family or in the greater public world --they are driven. Many Capricorns or those with strong Cap in their charts go into the public sector from Chamber of Commerce to Mayor to City Councilmember to congressman to senator to President. Capricorn is not satisfied to be a worker bee, love their family and then die. That’s not good enough for Capricorn. No. They LOVE to build their own company or build their own destiny. Or they build something for the community. They have vision and out of nothing they will make a big something. They love hard work and dedication and they take responsibilities very seriously. However, if you noticed I said that they can be the most ambitious sign of the zodiac. I said can because there is more to Capricorn. They can also be extremely insecure and inhibited and perhaps the most pessimistic sign. When their inner switch is shut off, they only see the glass half empty. Negative and lacking self confidence however they are not always up-front about their insecurity. They can cover it with smugness and apparent lack of interest in something when in truth they covet it greatly but are afraid they won’t succeed so they play like they don’t care. Ah, the complication of Cappy.

And just to send home the message--- out of nothing Richard Nixon, a perfect Capricorn built a political career. Always ambitious he didn’t let a lot stop him and had it not been for Kennedy’s great tan he may have been President the first time he ran. However, when he did get the job his insecurity, pessimism and paranoia got the better of him and in the end he flew off into the sunset with only his misguided choices rumbling around in his head. Now, the world remembers him for two issues. Opening up relations with China (Gee, how is that going now?) and Watergate. The highs and the perfectly Capricorn.
For the next twenty eight days don’t be surprised if you do all of the above. Well, I don’t think you are going to bug a hotel room but you may feel exactly in tune with the universe as you build your future with some concrete solution and ideas. You will come up with a serious game plan as to what is next. Of course at the same time you may feel negative and not sure you can do it. The Sun gives us confidence, Moon gives us the

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  1. I read that this eclipse is conjunct Obama's Saturn. When his chart is relocated to D.C. that puts the elipse in his 8th house .. convenient for me to watch I guess as that's where it's at in my chart. I wonder if he'll be more or less inclined to take action during this cycle.

  2. I haven't looked at Obama's chart in awhile but after your post I took a peek. It is a bit wide since his saturn is at 18 and the eclipse/new moon is at 26. So, that is 8 degrees. But still close enough to hurt. In his natal chart he has Saturn in his 11th house (groups and like minded people) but the actual eclipse is in his 12 house. That is the bugaboo house. The one that gives us the willies. The one that feels like stuff is out of our control. There could be some karmic action that feels out of his control but he still has to deal with it.

    When I think of this aspect and his chart I am reminded of the Headline on The Onion the day after Obama was elected. "Black Man gets Nation's worst job."

    You couldn't pay me to be POTUS.


  3. I can feel him not wanting to rock the boat right now, which I think signals to people he doesn't have as vigorous a constitution as, say, Bush who everyone loved to despise but who may end up being respected more?

    He's clutching to the old ways (Hey - could the 12th house eclipse bring an end to that?!).

    I have alot in the 12th and I'd say how it'll affect him is he'll want / need to be alone. He should be alone. Who honestly imagines he's doing soul-searching and coming up with answers and strategies? At this point he's overly glued to advisors. If you don't respect that call to solitude I think that's when the trouble can start .. something outside you will take you to a spot where you have some enforced solitude. Sick, injured, imprisoned, whatever.

    Anyhow I'm happy to hear it's actually not that close to his Saturn.

  4. The solitude note is a good one, CK.
    For you or me we could go to a meditation class, we could go hear a channeler speak, we could get lost in a movie, we could get a quick psychic reading and god knows we could call our shrink. Those are all good 12th house options. But not for him.
    He can't even be left alone much. About the only option he has is church. Or maybe a spiritual advisor can come by but because of appearances it is probably better to go to church with a flock. Too much one on one time would be fodder for ...well, Fox comes to mind.

    we didn't discuss the relocated chart angle. I'm not as good with those, especially since I live in the city I was born so I never had the draw to pursue them as much but I did recognize it when I lived in NY. If it is in the 8th, this could be a big money angle again. Banks, etc. If these bonuses come out on New Moon, it could be the Boston Tea Party all over again (1776 not 2009).

  5. Actually I'm feeling lately I could possibly cross those partisan lines and join the party.

    Is it possible the Obama-as-noble-put-upon-serious-martyr who would do right by all the victims of the country (world?) but can't because of nasty Congress is an act / sham?

    I read this today and found it disturbing.

    Can you feel Pluto in Cap ready to spring from the fissures* when you read this?

    * hope that's a word,lol.

  6. I think the overall feeling is disllusionment. I thought I had seen it all between 2000-2008 but we are now in new ground. It is still early in Obamas tenure but time is not generous. Look at Conan O'Brien as silly as that is (and it is) there is no time for him to build an audience. Now we have a bit more time for a Pres..but not much.

  7. I guess he did take action, or try to. Obama announced he's adding a fee to bank transactions to recoup the remaining bailout loan $.

    I'm spooked though. Cries of socialism may actually have an inkling of truth. First the health system, now reaching for the financial system. People are very naive if they think the gov't is going to be earnest and paternal and caring and run the ship, any ship, better in the long run. The gov't's job is to enforce the laws / create the laws, not run the system, neither dispense or collect $ from big business. I've seen this triangle set up before; it was in the form of doctors, insurance, and patient. Who ended up losing out in that triangle??

    I definitely have some internal alarms going off. (hm, is 8th house known for intuition, paranoia, or both?).

  8. I was VERY concerned when I heard Howard Dean a few weeks ago on the Sunday Morning shows saying that the deal got completed that week because the Pharms came in and wrote it. When Pharms come in and start dictating...that's when I run the other way. Dean was horrified and so was I. Disappointed and horrified. re: 8th..yes to both! lol.