Sunday, January 31, 2010

Saturn--it is timing, baby!

Saturn and his Greek cousin God Cronus are the gods of Time, Timing and Time Management (Thus, the word Chronology.) Uranus is the planet of weird and strange and for the last year we have been in a ping pong war with Saturn and Uranus in opposition. During this time we certainly had some of the weirdest things come up that almost defy all logic. For example, Ted Kennedy the senator known for championing health care dies during this opposition. Naturally, his Senate seat opens up. At this same time, The Obama Administration puts all guns on Health Care. Kennedy's seat goes to a special election and the liberal 'shoe in' loses to a little known republican candidate Scott Brown. As we know, he wins, the Senate changes its numbers and the Health Care Bill is Morte. Or close to it.

That, my friends is weird.

We have had so many of these types of stories since the opposition began last year and we will continue to have odd, unexplainable even when you are explaining them events while this opposition builds. The next exact date is April 26 but the influence is like a fog bank. We're always feelingn it.

This week while Saturn squared Pluto I could not help but notice something so odd it reminded me of our weirdo time window.

Machu Pichu the NY,NY of ancient Incas is kind of over--at least for awhile. Over two thousand tourists who were crawling around the ruins were trapped by raging waters and had to be rescued by Peruvian army helicopters. The area is so destroyed by raging Earth that Machu Pichu will remain cloistered for perhaps a very long time. Curiously, this week on PBS Nova will be airing Ghosts of Machu Pichu

Be prepared to see more strange, weird things in the news and NOTE the timing.

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