Friday, January 15, 2010

Mercury is Direct

Thank goodness... Mercury is direct. Hurray. 1/15 11:52am EST
Oh, lordy that was a long (kind of hideous) three weeks. Glad it is done.
Mercury direct in Capricorn is all about thinking, doing and being practical. Having a goal and making it happen. Not being airy fairy, "some day, maybe that _____ (fill in the blank) will happen"... nope---this is all about getting it done. And doing what it takes. Our minds want it so.
Because this Mercury direct is happening on the New Moon do not be surprised if you find this whole 28 day cycle working on things that you have talked about for months but now you are doing it.
Perfect example happened to me today. I ended up spending 6 hours today focused on a sink for a closet off an school auditorium. That is driving around town, meeting with a plumber calling another plumber, blah, blah, next thing you know the day is over and all I accomplished was finding, purchasing, and locking delivery of a sink. But here is the deal---that sink has been on the "Some day TO DO" list for a year. Today it was done. Come hell or high water I was going to see it to the end. And get this... THAT was not even a project on my docket. It was on other people's TODO list but somehow it ended up near my friend and me and bam--we had to do it. That is the power of this Mercury Direct on a New Moon.
God speed as you all accomplish much this cycle.

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