Thursday, January 14, 2010

Of Relief Work

I am sure I am like the rest of you in that I carve out a little TV time/Internet to find out the latest in Haiti and I am promptly sadden. This afternoon I was home answering emails and other stuff and I thought, "Let's see the latest on Haiti." There on CNN was a reporter in front of a collapsed building where locals and some newly arrived relief workers were attempting to extract a young girl. Alive and around 10, the girl was described as having the upper part of her body free but her right leg stuck under the rubble. They needed big equipment to move it out and every time they moved some of it she screamed out in pain. The reporter said that he had no idea if they would be able to get any equipment because there is very little in the country.
My Moon in Cancer could only take this for about five minutes. It was too painful to watch and luckily I received a phone call from a friend.
Clearly Relief Work during a Balsamic Moon with a Mercury retrograde is terrible. It feels like we can't get in front of it. There is no equipment and to get equipment means being shipped by the US. Although Florida is not that far away it is still too far for immediate help. Slowly stuff is coming which is typical but it is not typical like what happened today when American Airlines had to cancel flights that it started up because there is no more jet fuel in Haiti. (or at least they can't get to it). Argh.
Here's what I can say...I am hoping that tomorrow's New Moon which is actually about 7 hours from now will shift the energy a bit. Plus a few hours later Mercury will go direct and that should open up more resources.
It is my hope that there will be a few stories of hope and faith over the weekend with this New Moon. I do not kid myself that these stories will do anything to assuage the pain of the awful stories but at this point a little good news will be better than what we have been witnessing so far.
Prayers out.

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