Monday, January 4, 2010

Mercury conjunct Venus

January 5-- Mercury Conjunct Venus 5:39am (EST)

Wit meets love. Brains meets Beauty. Smart meets Sassy. Do you get the gist or do I have to continue with pairings that sound like Jeopardy catch phrases?

We will feel a bit more prickly with our loved ones but what we are really craving is practical application of love and brains. When our lover calls us up and whispers sweet nothings to us our first instinct is to hang up. Sweet nothings mean nothing on a day when Mercury and Venus hook up at 13 degrees of Capricorn. No shit. What we are concerned about is our money (what's new?) we crave a deepening of our goals and values. We look around and if we see things that are not of value...we want to ditch 'em. This includes people. (Yikes!) If we have a houseful of Chinese Crap from Target, we'll hate it all.

I think it is interesting that some of these blah aspects are coming up while we still are on the Sagittarius Lunar phase. Remember, this is the period in the year when we figure out our goals and desires, where we put our little arrow in the sky, zero on our target and go for it. It is quite an interesting to have aspects come up which make us go 'blah' when we look around our life. We're not suppose to get depressed by them, but perhaps we are suppose to rethink stuff. Maybe a couple years ago you were thrilled to go into Target and buy a bathroom rug for $10. Now you are asking bigger questions like, I wish this bathroom was not in Van Nuys. Or fill in the blank.

Anyway, today you may be thinking more about what you value and is it in your life the way you want?


  1. Well. This certainly explains why I cleaned the kitchen, then started on the mudroom to make more room to store the stuff from the kitchen that I didn't want in there in the first d*@!*d place.

  2. No kidding. I have got piles on piles as I shift stuff around and more importantly throw stuff out!