Friday, December 11, 2009

The Weekend

As you all know I write about New Moons and their 8 phases HERE but on this particular blog I do not really focus on Lunar aspects.. "i.e. Moon moves into Scorpio, Squares Mars". I opt out of those postings because last time I looked there were about one trillion bloggers who do it and there is no way on God's green Earth I am going to offer anything remotely different in terms of a daily lunar voice. My emphasis is the planets outside of the moon... Give me a Saturn Square Mars and I'll talk volumes.
Having said that, there are no planetary aspects this weekend worth noting. All aspects are lunar but since I'm here, I will tell you that of those lunar aspects Saturday is a much more harmonious day than Sunday. Lots of crunchy aspects with the Moon on Sunday.

I would like to wish those who celebrate Hanukkah a Happy Holiday and may you receive an extra crispy latke (my favorite).

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