Friday, December 11, 2009

So.... Tiger Woods.....


I was looking at my Scorpio New Moon which I posted about a month ago (way before Tiger's news) and I noted what I had to say about the Mars aspect for the scorpio lunar cycle.

Make mine Mars

Interestingly as we ping
pong between personal power and group activities we will also get a challenging
aspect from Mars. Mars is the warrior and he is extra snarky in loud mouth Leo
especially while he fights with lovely Venus. Venus in Scorpio is
sultry and sexy and she slithers along taking care of her orgasms and her
wallet. Mars in Leo who normally likes to get it on with Venus is not
digging her energy this cycle (square). Judging her sleazy and conniving
Mars is staying away from love. He would rather get his army together and
fight for a big dramatic purpose. Venus of course doesn’t get what the
hoopla is about and feels like a fish out of water when no one responds to her
usual tricks and so she gets sneaky. Since Venus rules money and values
(especially in Scorpio) we should expect some underhanded activities this month
due to her fight with Mars. But since Mars has all the dogs in this fight,
be prepared ---cheaters will be exposed! If you feel
like cheating, don’t do it. If you feel like going through the back door
on something with the thought it will get you to power or to money
quickly---here’s some help--- it won’t. Don’t believe me?
Watch what comes up in the news and you’ll be happy you listened to me.
Especially since Mars is also in Opposition to Jupiter in Aquarius.
Jupiter rules the internet and television so there will definitely be a public
brawl. And expect the same public scrutiny if you screw up.

No, surprise Tiger's news came out during this cycle.


  1. I don't know Tracy...since he's been cheating for years (along with millions of other men right now as I type) is that really covered by this Scorpio moon? Seems like the public wallowing in it, not letting it go, exaggerating it's importance, delving into something that isn't it's business and assuming it IS is though. For me it reveals our media hasn't and may never recover it's integrity from the passage of Pluto thru Sagg. I thought Pluto removed what was obsolete / rotten and what was more genuine / real grew in it's place - that isn't happening with the media. It's more sensationalist and trashy every day that passes.

  2. Yeah, CK, I agree. But even if it had not been Tiger who has a glamour tinge to him. Perhaps it had been some low level congressional still would have caught our attention in the scorpio manner with the Mars/Venus square. Remember the Dave Letterman nonsense came out during anothe cycle totally different than this one and it seems the two are being handled differently. And there will be more and they too will reflect the energy of that period.

    Having said all that I am grossed out by the media and sensationalism. I do wonder where it is all going as money evaporates from media even more every year.