Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sun sextile Pluto & Mercury Trine Neptune

On October 24 5:57am (EDT) Sun will Sextile Pluto. This happens twice a year (next one in Feb). For the last fifteen or so years we had sextiles between the Sun in Air signs (Libra & Aquarius) sextile Pluto in fiery Sag. For all those years we would get an inspired thought or conversation between partners and friends which then motivated us to dig deeper and find our own empowerment. Even if it was on a very small level it was a powerful exchange between thoughts and actions which would move us closer to our goals. Now until around 2023 all of the sextiles between the Sun and Pluto will take place between water signs (Scorpio & Pisces) and earth sign (Capricorn). We will be motivated by emotions which will have a practical empowerment. Even if we are sad it will bring us to some new realization that can get us to where we need to go. A good affirmation for this aspect is: "My emotions and feelings move me to solutions for my place in the world."

The day is also influenced by

12:55pm (EDT) Mercury Trine Neptune Thoughts and communication are soft and gentle. Forgiveness is in the air. Compassion is paramount. If there needs to be a discussion where grievances must be aired, this is the day to do it!

Between Sun/Pluto and Mercury/Neptune you will see our emotions and tender side can move mountains.

Given these aspects are occurring during the Libra Lunar Cycle, one can figure out that our relationships would benefit by these two aspects. Given they are on the same day is noteworthy.

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