Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Venus Conjunct Saturn

Venus Conjuct Saturn October 13, 6:52am (EDT)

About once a year ( unless a retrograde is in effect) Venus conjuncts Saturn. This is one of those weird aspects. Weird because we love Venus. She is all about love, money, joy, resources....she is that fabulous dessert at the end of a great meal. Saturn is about structure, order, work, responsibility, duty and dad. "I'll have a slice of that raspberry pie, please" says, Venus. "No, you won't" says Saturn. At first blush it looks like Saturn is a big ass pain in the ass---BUT, perhaps we don't need that slice a pie. Perhaps we need to go on a budget. Perhaps we need to focus our energies and resources and not fritter it all away. There is a natural tightening of the belt with this aspect. We need to focus on a higher quality and good guidance. (side discussion, I would expect a downward turn on Wall Street today)

Depending on where 29 degrees Virgo lies in your chart will show where this tightening is taking effect. Although, to be honest, this aspect is so strong (in my opinion) even if you do not know your chart you are feeling this aspect. When you went to bed last night you felt it and when you woke up this morning you felt it.
So, what should you do? Give Saturn what it wants. Tighten up. Get some structure, scrutinize that area of your life. Don't beat yourself up, just "Dad up". Venus will thank you for it later.

And remember this aspect only lasts a couple of days. No need to get all moppy about it just do the work and it will pass and you will have gotten the reward of it. Remember, Saturn delays he does not deny! He just needs you to grow up.


  1. I have Pluto at 29 Virgo, in the 8th house. What does that mean? I could use some tangible focus right now; my "Venus" (love & finances) took a severe beating this summer from which I'm still reeling.

  2. Yep, 8th house is money/resource/loans house.
    did you get any insight today or yesterday that could be helpful?
    Perhaps tomorrow more will be revealed.
    This can be a healing aspect.

  3. OMG I was having such "dad" issues yesterday. Spot on again Tracy!


  4. Aren't we glad that is over!
    But the dad issues will continue especially as we build to October 29 and Saturn and Pluto begin their first square.
    Get a seat down front..that is where the action will take place!