Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sun Trine Neptune

On Friday, October 16 8:46pm (EDT) The sun makes a glorious trine to Neptune in Aquarius. We get this aspect twice a year and it is a gentle aspect. Neptune is dreamy and mystical and when the Sun falls under Neptune's charm we are far more humanitarian and perhaps a bit forgiving. There is a term in astrology called Mutual Receptivity which means two planets are in each other's home sign. In this case Uranus which rules Aquarius is in the sign Pisces. And Neptune which rules Pisces is in Aquarius.

While mutual reception is taking place the two energies are mingled. Think of two streams coming together to make a river. This co-mingled energy has been taking place since 2003 and will continue until 2012 however starting next Spring Uranus will step into Aries for a brief time disconnecting the river. The next trine between the Sun and Neptune will happen next summer and at that time it will not be influenced by Uranus. So, what ever message we get from The Sun to Neptune this week will be the last one under co-mingled influence for a long time (one will happen when Uranus retrogrades back into Pisces). I have said a long time that this co mingled energy reminds me of a famous quote "Comfort the Disturb, Disturb the Comforted." Watch and see if this Trine from the Sun coaxes you to do either.

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