Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ray Merriman

On my links section (to the right) I list Ray Merriman's website. Ray is the real deal when talking about astrology and economic forecast.

Ray generates a column every week. I would encourage you guys to check him out. There is a lot of wisdom for all of us to ponder.

here is a snippet from this week's report:

Last week I discussed potential political themes related to the 16-year transit of Pluto through Capricorn (2008-2014). There are also monetary and economic themes related to this passage. Let’s start with the idea that Pluto rules taxes, as proposed several times in this column as a major theme of the 32-27 year Saturn-Pluto cycle. With the waning square of these two planets fast approaching November 15 (and lasting approximately 9 months), the issue of taxes and their possible consequences on the economy will likely be a very sensitive topic. As outlined before, the entire waning phase of this cycle (opposition to conjunction, 2001-2020) is likely to see greater government spending, increased government and individual debt, increased budget deficits, higher taxes, and a stagnant economy that will see deeper and deeper recessions that are longer and longer lasting. The waning square between Saturn and Pluto is the midpoint of this down cycle, which means either 1) it is the bottom of the cycle or 2) possibly the major change within the cycle that will accelerate its economic down phase until it ends in 10 years.

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