Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Letterman, Jon & Kate( + Hate) & MacKenzie Phillips

Do you remember back HERE I mentioned that the North Node had moved into Capricorn and we should prepare for a sea change?

I said it then and I will say it again. There are two points in astrology called the North Node and The South Node and as their name implies they are opposite each other. Think of them as a teeter totter. The nodes move at a slow pace and stay in a sign for about about a year and a half. But when they shift we feel different about stuff. It starts off subtle but then it grows and grows and like clothes that no longer fit, things don't feel right.

For example, when the north node moved into Aquarius and the south node moved into Leo back in December 2007 we began a cycle where the emphasis moved to groups of like minded people finding each other and being focused on causes "greater than themselves." As you can imagine this is why grassroots roots campaigns gained tremendous support in 2008. It of course, worked out well for the Obama campaign but in truth the other candidates also benefited since the people were itching to be with their grass root gang. It was a highly spirited 2008 because of that Aquarius energy.

But what about Leo? South node is where we are way too comfortable, we are so used to something a certain way that it is too cozy and this is when we step on our own johnson (even if we don't have one). Leo when it is bad is all about EGO. And saying that, perhaps the biggest problem for Hillary Clinton was the overall cloud that she felt she deserved the nomination. Her ego was too in the mix. I'm not saying this was true for her but it was a feeling that was lobbed about by many pundits and man on the streets. And if it was not something she actually felt it sort of didn't matter-- we had an antenna up for South Node in Leo behaviors. If you felt you were better than anyone during that time, you turned off people. The arrogance of Leo rubbed people wrong.

Now the North Node is in Capricorn and it is asking people to be responsible, mature, conserve, be a boss. We respond to that energy. We rally around it. But at the same time we have an antenna up for anyone who is being the bad side of "south node in Cancer" which is too sensitive, too emotional, too familiar, too reactionary, too childish. When South Node in Cancer is in effect, it can be extremely uncomfortable to watch.

And here we are about two months into the 18 month process and we have had a ten day cycle of news makers that are .... Capricorn versus Cancer. Jon and Kate and all their money issues, and "check, check mate" moves against each other, MacKenzie Phillips graphic confessional about her sex life with her father and Dave Letterman and his confession to his studio audience and the world about his own peccadillo's has all come to light. Of the four , I would say that maybe Letterman expressed some North Node in Cap. Taking responsibility, stepping up and getting in front of the situation was probably the most Capricorn. The other ones feel south node in Cancer. Venting their spleen more than anything. All cancer-ish. However, having said that, I would say that Dave might be pushing it a bit. --I hope his apologies can end soon because it is a bit uncomfortable which is NOT Capricorn. Top Ten reasons to stop confessing.....#1, "It is so daytime."

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