Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mercury Trine Jupiter

Tuesday October 20 5:49pm (EDT)

Before we get to Mercury---I would like to check in and make sure you have read my complete New Moon report (see link here). I'm not doing this out of ego..'hey look at me'...I really want to see you work the lunar phases. Once you get this groove (and it is simple) you will see how in sync you can get your life. Additionally, this lunar phase has got a lot of important energy. We have a strong Neptune influence, Saturn changes sign and then will get into it with Pluto on October 29 plus we have a relationship with Chiron. There can be important shifts that might feel yucky but under it all is a great healing. Because of my nature I like to get to the Healing as quickly as possible and not hang out in the yuck. I want that for you, too!

So how are you doing so far on this New Moon? Out of curiosity are you feeling the spiritual angle of this moon yet? Are you wondering about your relationship with God? Are you questioning it? Or have you seen something come into view that can only be explained by a Higher Source? What has come up in the last three days? And if it hasn't don't worry the lunar phase is young.

Now about Mercury. Mercury trines Jupiter at 5:49pm but one hour earlier the Moon will have moved into Sagittarius (the ruling sign of Jupiter). Mercury rules our brains and the way we think and those darn words that come out of our mouth. Jupiter is our biggest planet. It is huge. We can get a whole bunch of Earths inside Jove. When Mercury and Jupiter get together even under a favorable aspect we can get a big mouth. So you may want to watch your words. But more importantly watch your brain for some goodies. If you get a great idea about something, go for it! If you get a phone call from someone helpful--go for it! If you get a piece of faith --go for it! Remember, there is a healing taking place this cycle that impacts our relationships so when we get a good aspect like this one---go for it!

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