Sunday, October 25, 2009

A rather big build upon relationships

We begin this week with a little of the gentleness of Sunday (see previous post).

Like I have previously discussed, I don't usually bog you guys down with moon aspects since there are so many websites that discuss daily lunar connections. But I will say that on Tuesday, October 27 at 2:40am the Moon conjuncts Jupiter (big thoughts and generous spirit) and later (3:10pm) Moon conjuncts Neptune (big compassion and spiritual matters). All in all Tuesday will have a bigness to it which is then followed by

Wednesday October 28

Mercury Moves into Scorpio (6:08am EDT)

Venus Trine Jupiter (10:02 pm EDT)

Mercury Sextile Pluto (11:53pm EDT)

Our mental abilities sharpen and deepen (Mercury in Scorp). We move into a period of time where our conversations are more penetrating. We will spend the next couple of weeks getting on top of some of our financial issues and sex issues. Any tax issues can be addressed. We are way more precise in our handling of issues than we were in the last month or so. We are in the Libra Lunar cycle so these discussions and thoughts will definitely help our relationships.

We also tap our abundance (Venus/Jupiter) and expand our resources and access loving situations easier. Even if it is not the person we want the love we still find the love somewhere. A good affirmation for this aspect would be: "I am happy and grateful that I find good every day". Try writing that down for the week and see what it does for you.

And then Mercury Pluto brings those penetrating thoughts to your place in society. How are you in the world? What do you bring to the party which is greater than family? If you don't feel you bring anything, then use this aspect to heal the part that feels you having nothing to give the world. You are incorrect by the way. See if someone points it out to you today or this week. And remember you are bigger than your place in the family.
On Thursday October 29 in the morning 3:56am (EDT) The sun will square Mars. This is a fighting aspect. If you wake up with a bee in your bonnet to get into it with someone... I may ask you to please, consider.... Taking a breath and tabling it. Why? Because I think you might be too enflamed to make your point. Sometimes when people see the anger they don't hear or see the point. What is more important for you ...that this person see your anger or see your point. If it is about the anger (and yes, sometimes that is important) than yes, good soldier--go to battle. If it really is about the point then wait a few days before sharing your thoughts.
Also on Thursday October 29 1:09am (EDT)-----Drum Roll. Saturn moves into Libra.

If you did not read my Libra New Moon back on October 18 HERE--- let me reiterate this point about Saturn.

“You hoo, anyone home? It’s Saturn?”

Probably more this lunar cycle than any other Libra cycle we are going to really ‘get’ it that our relationships need some work. And I’m not only talking about husbands and wives. Yes, they count but it is relating in general that needs
work. Do you listen to people or do you not hear them because you
have already moved on to what you are going to say next? Is that relating
or is that an audience? How do you share? How are you
superficial (the low side of Libra)? How do you work in
relationship? Do you do all the work hoping to please your partner?
How is that working for you? (Tell the truth). Do you show up and
give it your all or are you a ‘tit for tat’ person? Why am I asking these
questions? Because on October 29, Saturn is going to move into Libra. For
the last two years Saturn has been in Virgo and I have been asking you to clean
up your diet and get your schedule and your calendars together-- basically I
have pushed you to get your Virgo together. Now, Saturn is leaving
Virgo and moving into Libra where it will be overhauling relationships,
partnerships and relating in general. The last time Saturn was in
Libra was 1980-1982. Do you remember how you did relationships then?
I hope it has improved. If you are too young to have experienced
that one, you have between now and 2012 to work it out. In April
Saturn will retrograde back to Virgo so we can get one last pass at
cleaning our schedules, diet and health. But for right now we need to
bring out the broom and fix our partnerships and relationship
habits. Now, I have said this a jillion times and I’ll say it a
jillion more, I do not believe in accidents. Saturn’s move into Libra
could have happened at any time in the year. It could have happened on the
Taurus lunar cycle or the Aquarius Lunar cycle or the Sagittarius Lunar
cycle. But it is not happening then. Instead it is happening on the
Libra New Moon. To me this is beautiful. We are beginning the clean up
period of relationships in THE relationship lunar cycle. It is as if Spirit
wanted to help us shift our attention by highlighting it. Let’s face it,
if you are supposed to get a new hairdo-- wouldn’t the best time to think about
it be while you are at a Hair stylists convention? Bad ones, great ones, new
colors, new styles, extensions, hair gel, it will all be out there for you to
see as you assess your own hairdo. This is what is going to happen
when Saturn moves into Libra. We will be ten days into the Libra
lunar cycle when it hits. The convention of relationships will be in full
force when the harshest critic (Saturn) arrives. But remember, you
do not need to have everything fixed in twenty eight days. We have two
years. Saturn just wants to get your attention that is why he arrived now.
And for those of you who are not in relationship, you should be able to use
Saturn to your advantage and get serious about what you need to do to get one
going. Ask friends for set ups. Don’t be shy. That perfect
stranger sitting next to you at a party may be the next Mr Right or Ms
Right. Begin the work. Did I mention “work” is a Saturn word?

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