Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sparks in the Air

ETA: (totally got an old phrase wrong) Sometimes sparks are just sparks and they just fizzle away. (Ever watched old TV shows and see how lame they look?) But having said that, yes, sometimes sparks are indictive of more. The question will we know?
I'm not sure.
But I can tell you that starting today (Thursday 10/1 2:00am EDT) Mercury will sextile Mars and that is a spark on a spark. If you get a bee in your bonnet to do something--it will probably be an important move for action. And you may have a follow thru on the weekend. Why? Well, at first glance this might not seem like much of an aspect but what catches my eye is that this aspect repeats on Sunday 10/04 7:37am EDT).
Additionally on Sunday Mercury will oppose Uranus. This is a wildly chaotic and nervous energy. And that it is happening on a FULL MOON (see later post) we will all feel like a cat on a hot tin roof. Running all over, trying to get somewhere but not sure where or why. But somewhere in that mad and cuckoo energy there could be a road to change (uranus). It might not make sense and you might not even think you need the change (opposition) but you could find yourself right on the first step to change.
Watch and see what roads appear in front of you for the next few days. You could be surprised. Follow the sparks.


  1. the phrase is 'where there's smoke there's fire'. just saying.

  2. Ha!!! you are so right. Nothing like getting something that easy so wrong!!!

    thank you mucho

  3. Hi Tracy,

    Just sending you some love, sister! I recently found your blog (via and now find myself anxiously awaiting your next post! :) I've got you tagged on my homepage too! I love getting a sneak peek into your cosmic insights through your written word! Thanks for the knowledge, advice and encouragement!