Monday, September 28, 2009

Mercury Direct Tuesday September 29

Mercury Turns Direct Tuesday September 29 6:13am.
Let's all say it together...."Thank gawd that is over!"
I don't know about you but I have been slogging it out so much in the last three weeks that I gave up even thinking life could ever be easier again. I have had a trillion miscommunications. Forgetfulness, missed calls, bad cell phone issues (AT&T sucks) people thinking that I am deliberately doing stuff (that I am not doing) overall causing hurt feelings everywhere. And even I felt my own feelings get a little pinched and that doesn't happen often. And all of it can be placed at the feet of effed up Mercury retro in Virgo. I might as well have asked for my teeth to be drilled with a ball point pen.
But having said that I also think there was stuff sitting under the surface bugging me and others that finally got addressed this last month. Stuff that just needed to be talked about or if not talked about just finally fixed! I love when long standing wrongs get righted. I feel like the docket has been cleared and now there is space for something new to begin.
And together we say, "Amen!"
I am


  1. Amen. I'm glad it's over too. What a year in general, but a year that has been wracked with unusual planet intensity to the max, this year is actually supposed to end well in this last quarter October-December. Thank god. Issues were resolved this Mercury Retrograde or at least the hatchet was buried from past relationship issues over the last Retro in May and the triple eclipses over the summer...and oh let's not forget those other planets going retro over the last two seasons now ready to move direct as well. I'm worn out are you? :)

  2. Tracy I agree tremendously. I've never felt so stressed because many things came crashing down. It is hard enough when one crash happens but many it can push you over the edge. Thank God its over!

    Deborah T.

  3. kevin,
    yes, very worn out..but I can't be beaten down because in a few days (end of month) Saturn will move into Libra and begin that long transition of 2010 and those aspects!!!! Argh. We will continue to persevere.

  4. Deb,
    I know, I know. The crashing sound was deafening. Also, I think the Mercury retros can be a little extra hard on Gemini's and Virgo since it is their ruling planet.


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