Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Venus Oppose Jupiter--Oh, why not?

On Friday September 10 at 3:54am (EDT)

Venus in Leo will oppose Jupiter in Aquarius. Venus in Leo is always looking for a good time, especially if that good time somehow shines a light on number one. "Me, mine, my.....oh, let me talk about myself."

Jupiter in Aquarius is thinking about groups and others and like minded people places or issues and how to expand them. "Enough about you, what about us?"
The rub is pretty early in the morning but the influence will certainly be felt all day.
"What about me?" versus "Us" If you find yourself going into one camp or the other don't take it all too close to heart. The energy will slowly dissipate and by Monday you'll feel like it was not all that big a deal.

And of course, also on Friday, don't forget Pluto will be turning direct at 12:57pm, expect some kind of quaking energy to go through the world. Literally or figuratively.
Perhaps we'll be grateful for the tension between Venus and Jupiter because it will give us a good excuse to get the vodka out of the freezer and start pouring.

bottoms up!

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