Monday, September 21, 2009

Saturn Oppose Uranus

I heard a couple things today that tell me that Saturn Oppose Uranus is THE topic even when the people talking don't know it.

For example, Martin Feldstein, Harvard Professor of Economics said basically, we should expect a double dip in our Recession...meaning another down turn again....because we are NOT dealing with the commercial real estate problem (that is looming off shore). He said no one is dealing with it and that is will go off on 2010. No one is changing the issues. Intersting to note... loss versus change.
Saturn in Virgo versus Uranus in Pisces.

And then....the President was in Upstate NY today and he gave a speech at a small college.

I heard a snippet of it on the radio and I thought...There's Saturn! There's Uranus! There's Pluto in Capricorn! All in one paragragh. One soundbite.

So as we emerge from this current economic crisis, our great challenge will be
to ensure that we don't just drift into the future, accepting less for our
children, accepting less for America. We have to choose instead what past
generations have done
: to shape a brighter future through hard work and
innovation. That's how we'll not only recover, but that's how we'll also
build stronger than before: strong enough to compete in the global
; strong enough to avoid the cycles of boom and bust that have wreaked so
much havoc; strong enough to create and support the jobs of the future in the
industries of the future
I think once you get your ear tuned'll see the astrology in a lot of what is going on.

Ears open!


  1. This is something I started doing just this last year. Glad to know I'm not the only one. Like that speech about Ted Kennedy being a "big planet" or that there was a big planet hanging in the sky I was like "whoa" and thought I was the only one to notice. Then I come here and there's a post about it! It's very interesting to read.

  2. Yes, once you get your ear tuned into it and your eye on it you see the aspects like a Mack Truck square Pluto!