Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pisces Full Moon

Pisces Full Moon
September 4 12:02pm (EDT)

12 Pisces 15

Are you already starting to feel this full moon? God, knows I am. Of course, the planets are gathering to a square with my own Sun in Sag so that is no surprise to me (sigh).

At first glance we see that Mars in Cancer is making a beautiful trine with the Moon in Pisces. This supports a nice flow of emotions as we feel it is safe to express the bubbly things we feel inside. We are candid with a couple people and we feel relief. Awesome.

But at the same time we have a snarky little aspect between Moon and Venus which is a bit disappointing around the issues of values. Perhaps someone shows us something about their value system which is not the same as our own. It stings but is not a reason to abandon them (it is a little aspect). Also some kind of money thing again small might come up or a tiny bump around love but again… accent on small.

We are still feeling that Mercury Square Mars, so we need to ask, “Are we being mindful of our words?” “Those are fighting words” will be said more than once during the full moon.

And this moon has something going on that I have not seen in a long time. It is an aspect called a Thor’s Hammer. I don’t know much about them. I remember reading about them years ago when I first learned about astrology but I have not followed this aspect closely and have not had worked with any charts with it. I had to dust off my shelves and poke around Online to get a refresher course. Basically the planets involved in it are Mercury, Mars which we know (see above are squaring one another) and then those two are 135 degrees from Chiron. On its own, 135 is not that big of a deal aspect (sesquiquadrate)frustrating, annoying but not too hideous. However, when the planet gets a double square (mars and mercury) it is a bit like throwing gas on a fire. Or maybe in this case a better analogy is someone not paying attention and having a zoner while standing too close to a dog fight. Someone’s leg is going to get bitten!

In this case the leg about to be bitten is Chiron in Aquarius. I have mentioned oodles of times here that we are all sorting through our groups and tribes and trying to figure out where we belong. But under this full moon with this aspect, Mars is our life force, our energy and Mercury is our mind and our ability to communicate. These two are fighting it out thinking that the other is stepping on their territory. For example, “I can’t say that to that person, I could lose my job.” Or, “I am so busy talking about this and that but I feel like I am wasting my time---Where am I going?” These two forces fight during the full moon and the result can be found in around our groups and tribes---(Chiron in Aquarius). Where do I belong? Who ‘gets’ me? Why am I getting blamed?

Take a look and see what comes up and post your experience. I would like to see Thor’s Hammer in action. For more on Thor's Hammer go here



  1. wow. this is why i keep reading.

    thor's hammer... that's hilarious. i'll tell you why. speaking of groups and tribes. i am feeling out of it at work, completely unfulfilled. at the same time, i am feeling quite a standstill with the creative aspects of my life, you know, the parts of me that matter. photography, writing, crafting, etc. so i have been feeling a pull to get involved with more creative/visionary people and to do brave things that i might not aways do.

    at the same time, i am planning my elopement (JUST firmed up details today) with a man whose last name is thorsen. and i already bought the domain name to start a serious website and blog. so... thor's hammer. hilarious.

    plus, last night i had the whole emotional meltdown with my fiance, you know... "i'm afraid to be so vulnerable, i never could depend on anyone, blah blah blah." talk about bubbly emotions and relief. and knowing that my finace GETS me more than anyone ever, in my life. i literally told him last night, "people think that they know me, but they have no idea how far away they are."

    i love reading your blog, because often it is right in line with some craziness going on, and it makes me feel less mental.

  2. Talk about in synch, MrsThor (to be). You are right in the middle of it all! Perhaps you have something at 12/13 degrees and it is really getting this full moon. It goes without saying that your elopement will NOT take place with Mercury retrograde, correct?

    Thank you mucho for your kind words. We try hard over here to get our astro postings out in a timely fashion. We also try to shower every day, sometimes both are hard.

  3. to answer your question, NO. the elopement is october 9. funny, because i was pushing for 9/9/09 and now i'm glad i decided to push it back a month. damn that mercury in retrograde. i tried to ignore it, but may was just terrible for me this year.