Thursday, September 17, 2009

Modems & Stuff

Do you see that man pictured above? Well, his modem on his computer ran faster than my modem this week. And yeah, they didn't even have electricity when he was alive.

Blame it on Mercury retrograde but my modem began a miserable death last weekend and was taken to the great beyond today in a white TimeWarner truck. Good riddance.
That is the good news. The bad news is that it was virtually impossible for me to update my blog this week. And for that I apologize.

I wanted to talk about many things but now I am crunched to get my New Moon article finished.
But before I get to it, I do want to bring up that today (7:46am) Mercury Squared Pluto. This is the third square since last spring. (1st late March, 2nd late August and now today) These are new aspects for Pluto since making its move into Capricorn. Mercury square Pluto brings out our insecurities. We feel like we have left a Kettle on the stove and we have just gotten into an airplane. Everything feels vulnerable. But the difference between these aspects in cardinal signs versus the 16 or so years when it took place in the mutable signs is that now we feel like our actions may have been mistaken. Back then we thought our judgements were wonky. Of the two, I think this one makes me more nervous. "Shit, did I make a mistake doing that?"
I am not offering up a big solution I am just saying that if you feel nervous and concerned you may have blown it on something, blame Mercury Square Pluto. Although, I'm sure when we get to 2022 we'll be used to it.

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