Sunday, September 13, 2009

Saturn in Virgo Oppose Uranus in Pisces: Part 3

Sabian symbols:
24 Virgo 42 : A flag at half mast
24 Pisces 42: The purging of the priesthood

Tuesday September 15 8:51am

Last year, on November 4th we had the first opposition between Saturn in Virgo and Uranus in Pisces. Perhaps you remember that day? That was when the White House changed direction in a very big way. Then on Feb 5th we had the 2nd opposition and politicos were talking about bank bail outs, oversight committees and trying to distinguish between a crisis and a catastrophe (Did we ever figure that one out?) Now on Tuesday, September 15th we will have our third installment of Saturn oppose Uranus. Again, as stated earlier, these two planets are part of the work we are doing to break free (Uranus) but at the same time find structure (Saturn). Of course, where you have Pisces and Virgo in your chart will define how this is impacts you personally. But even if you do not know your chart you are still feeling it. The tension is there and it will be great this lunar cycle as it builds to September 15th. The two will oppose each other two more times in 2010 (April & July) so if we haven’t figured out what we are doing now we have more time to get it right. Of course, it is not a subtle aspect. Frustrating delays, complicated choices in order to get free. It ain’t easy. Take some big breaths. And as always, if you are really stuck-- go to the Virgo energy and look at your daily schedule and maintenance. How is your calendar? How is your weight? How is your daily work? If you can’t fix the bigger picture fix the smaller picture. Get your diet and exercise routine together.

And if you have not got your Pisces spiritual practices together, start it now. Daily prayer, meditation, affirmations will do you a world of good.

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