Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pluto in Cap: Are you paying attention?

Things to think about:

Yesterday I received an email from a fellow astrologer and friend who found this article on Huffington Post and as she said, "Another interesting article on the Fed, and how they control economic journals, who gets tenure, etc. Very clever of them, I must say. And quite Plutonian"

The Fed keeps many of the influential editors of prominent academic
journals on its payroll. It is common for a journal editor to review submissions
dealing with Fed policy while also taking the bank's money. A HuffPost review of
seven top journals found that 84 of the 190 editorial board members were
affiliated with the Federal Reserve in one way or another.
"Try to publish an
article critical of the Fed with an editor who works for the Fed," says
Galbraith. And the journals, in turn, determine which economists get tenure and
what ideas are considered respectable.
The pharmaceutical industry has
similarly worked to control key medical journals, but that involves several
companies. In the field of economics, it's just the Fed.

Everything about the Fed is Capricorn. And now Pluto is walking through Capricorn, detonating land minds where it pleases. What exactly will The Fed look like when this is over 2023? It is anyone's guess. But for a good idea let's look at The Travel Industry. That industry is ruled by Sagittarius and Pluto slogged through it for 15 years ending in late 2008. Now ask yourself, did it change much? Well, I dunno--Do you recall holding your shoes when you standing at the Delta counter in 1995? The answer is "No."

The difference now is that you can run your whole life without spending a lot of time traveling. The things Cap rules we use every day. Like money, and business and infrastructure----ever wondered where your water comes from? I got news for you---it needs infrastructure. No, surprise to me that a water main built in 1914 gave way this last week here in Los Angeles.
LOS ANGELES – Crews were cleaning up mud and broken asphalt Sunday after a
deluge from a burst water main swept cars down streets, forced people out of
their homes and flooded a section of a major Los Angeles boulevard.
The water
flow from the broken pipe was stopped after about four hours, Los Angeles
Department of Water and Power spokeswoman Jane Galbraith said. The burst main is
part of the city's original water system, dating to 1914, and was slated for
repair, she said.
A section of Ventura Boulevard in Studio City would be
closed for at least two days, officials said.
No injuries were reported after
the 64-inch main broke late Saturday night, but firefighters rescued a person
who was in a car that had been swept away in the flooding, Los Angeles Fire
Department spokesman Erik Scott said. It was not immediately clear how many cars
were damaged.

Of course, water mains have been breaking every year in Los Angeles since the Spanish layed out clay pipes in the 1800's. But the difference now is that these breaks during Pluto in Cap will matter more. Just like airplanes were hijacked in the 1960s when Pluto was in Virgo and Libra. But when 9/11 happened--- Pluto was in Sag. Hijacking went on sterroids that day--expect similiarly sterroid induced stories now with Cap issues. Still confused? Two words: Bernie Madoff --- so Pluto in Cap.

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