Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Watch your tongue! Mercury square Mars

On Thursday September 3 at 12:19 pm (EDT) Mercury will be squaring Mars. If there was ever an aspect for Mouth on Fire this the one. This happens a couple times a year so it is not an uncommon aspect but that does not mean that it is devoid of punch.

Our brains and our tongues get the better of us. We think something and then we say it. You know God created editors for a reason and this is the week where we all need our own personal Emily Post. Think long and hard before you send that email. And when I say 'that' ---I mean THAT email. You know the one. If you must have a conversation with someone try and call when they aren't home. Leave a message on their phone machine and then go out of town.

Talk to them on Sunday. Before Mercury goes retrograde on Monday September 7 (12:45am) (September 6 other time zones.)

And if you do step into the dogpile..take a big sigh and figure it will get resolved after Mercury goes direct in late September. If you are lucky.


  1. How long will they be squaring? Just today? Or tomorrow, too? The whole weekend?

  2. both planets move pretty quickly. Today and tomorrow I would say...

  3. Oh dear. I have natal Mars and Mercury trine, in fire signs, so I'm somewhat this way naturally! Maybe I should wear a gag. lol

    Oh, and my husband has this square in his chart, same planets, same signs, different degrees, with his Moon in Capricorn involved as well.

    I'll try to lie low today, really I will. :-)

    Love the humor in your post!