Monday, August 31, 2009

Ted Kennedy

I was very hesitant to write about Ted Kennedy primarily because he is a well written about topic both in astrological circles and non astro circles.

But on Friday when I watched the memorial I was struck by one thing. I just kept FEELING Jupiter.

Ted's indulgences, yes, but also a largeness in general to his spirit. Many people talked about his unexpected appearances at the funerals of friends' parents, or following through with notes and cards to his constituents, long after a senator would be expected to correspond. His ability to treat all people the same no matter what their station. And of course, the mistakes in his youth that later beget a desperately needed wisdom that would only come with age. And finally his dedication to his Catholic faith. All of this felt Jupiter. And then when his niece Caroline spoke of the big star in the sky, I knew she was describing Jupiter (which she did reveal as being Jupiter) and how that star reminded her of Teddy. No kidding...Jupiter all the way!

Anyway, it is NO surprise to this little astrologer that Ted had Jupiter in Leo in the 7th house.
Jupiter in the house of 'others'---the house of 'relating'.

My own Sun/Saturn in Sag in the 9th could feel that pronounced Jupiter. Also, I have Jupiter in the 7th---It is big...drives my own husband nuts.

Rest in Peace, Teddy.


  1. I was really feeling the Jupiter, too, and I also knwe what "star" Caroline was talking about even before she named it. One of the speakers.... Biden, maybe?... went on about how Ted inspired people to be "bigger" just by seeing that way, and by being that way himself. He said he wanted to be "bigger" when he was around Ted. That's Jupiter working really well!

    I'm glad Ted Kennedy was my senator and I'm glad he had such a big wake full of loving stories, and I know he's having a good time in the spirit world, too!

    I have Jupiter in the 7th, too... in Pisces.

  2. Zann!
    I can't believe you have it in the 7th, too!
    I have it in Libra. Along with Neptune which is similiar to your Pisces.
    Of course we were drawn to the memorial.