Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Leo New Moon ---it is GIGANTIC

New Moon begins tomorrow August 20, 6:02 (EDT).

I indicated that I believe it is the most powerful Leo New Moon that I have seen in at least ten years maybe 20. I almost fell over when I saw all the action. I wondered why we had two cancer new moons last month--and now I see why... we needed to purge our emotions to find out inner adults to deal with what is coming down the pick on this moon. It is BIG.

As always, I have generated a New Moon Report which you can find HERE

Here is a tidbit:


When it comes to New Moons it is sometimes best to
cut to the chase----- I don’t recall writing about or seeing a Leo New Moon as
powerful as this one in at least ten years! Possibly twenty.
It is big.

Leo is strong, courageous, proactive, heroic. It
puts its money where its mouth is---and in times like this that says a
lot. Whether it is loud or shy, Leo attracts attention, primary because of
its own magnetism. There is no escaping the Leo gravity. Of
course Leo rules actors and theaters but it is not necessarily because they are
center stage but also because performers put it all on the line, they put their
talent, craft and emotions for all to see (and judge)—that takes a certain
amount of bravery. As you can imagine, “Brave” is a Leo word.

The planet ruling Leo is the Sun and last time I looked the Sun
was pretty important to us Earthlings. Leo has a strong center even when
it stretches itself and Leo is inexhaustible almost under any circumstance but
perhaps it is most energized by its will to accomplish something that will last
long after he or she is gone. A lot of good in the world has come from Leo
energy even if when it is driven by a desire to provide a notable

Having said that-- when Leo is bad it is
bad. Bragging, lying, out-of-check Ego, exaggerating, personalizing
everything, making a mountain out of any mole hill---this is what Leo looks like
when it is bad. For them there is no such thing as a slight
injustice, everything is HUGE---“Kill the infidels!” If you
know any Leos you are probably nodding your head. One minute they can be
generous and great and the perfect person to take charge and get something done
and then the next moment they are the biggest energy suck in your life demanding
all your attention as they go over some perceived injustice, over and over and
over and over and over…..again.

Be prepared to
see this energy in the news. Some crazy out of check ego stomping all over the
place while at the same time there will be a David heroically taking down a
Goliath. All very Leo. I think it is somewhat funny that these
Town Halls meetings (USA) about health care have been taking place while the Sun
has been in Leo—a lot of lies and Leo theatrics. Although, I do believe
once the New Moon starts we’ll see a different tone to the meetings, perhaps
they will fizzle out or they will turn up a notice into a real
firestorm. Especially since Neptune is opposite Sun/Moon in
Leo. Neptune is Crazy and disillusioned and having it in the mix on
new moon will bring more cuckooness.

On a personal level you
may find yourself passionate about something that previously only inspired tepid
emotions. Or you could be fired up to finally take care of something
because it looks badly upon your character. “Our porch says something
about us---it is time to fix it!” Also if you feel
disillusioned about something, hang in there, it could be for a bigger reason
that something had to melt away. You may not know why, but if you don’t
ask why the answer will eventually come.

It continues...go to the link for more.

Godspeed, --EarthAngels!


  1. I've been waiting for this Tracy.....hoping it will steer me in the right direction.

    Deborah Templeton

  2. It will. I owe you an email, DT.
    I'll send it tomorrow. hugs