Friday, August 21, 2009

Sun Trine Pluto --Where is your Diamond in the rough?

On Sunday August 23 2:20pm (EDT) The Sun will trine Pluto. As I indicated back in April when we had the other trine between these two (Taurus Sun) this is a great day to go find your "diamond in the rough" and apply pressure. Perhaps there has been something 'off shore' in your mind that you have been wanting to deal with but have not had the time or energy to tackle it. This would be the weekend to finally do it! For many years all of our trines with Pluto took place in fire signs (about 15 years) which activated our inspiration and put a fire in our belly. That was great but now we have 15 years of earth sign trines which means doing the concrete work. Although when it is a trine it does not feel like "Work" with a capital W it is an easy to do work. And the good news is the results will be long lasting. Totally worth it.
So, what is on your calendar this weekend? Make it a good one. We won't have another one of these trines until April 2010.

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