Monday, September 7, 2009

One year later----and Pluto turning direct

One year ago today on September 7, 2008---Fannie and Freddie imploded. It was a Sunday morning when we learned that economic policymakers had scrambled into limos, jets, taxicabs even on foot, as they raced to stop the world economy from crashing. Then the next day, senators from both parties gave a press conference where the most important thing that occurred was not their reading of a press release but more their appearance. Grey, ashen faced, dark circled, they looked like ass. Clearly, it was a new day, no make that “new world”.

And not one astrologer on god’s green Earth was surprised. We knew it was coming it was just a case of when? Would it be right when Pluto turned direct September 8th? Or when Pluto crossed into Capricorn that November? In my own article posted August 28, 2008--- I wrote HERE:

Pluto will turn direct and take its final march towards Capricorn.
And one day before Pluto makes this move, Jupiter which has been retrograded
since May will also turn direct in the sign of Capricorn. This is a most
auspicious transition. Jupiter which is always so abundant and often the
most optimistic planet in the zodiac will be ready to tackle Capricorn’s somber
nature. Tiny Tim and Ebenezer Scrooge make strange bedfellows but there is
something that they both teach each other. This is Jupiter turning
direct in Capricorn.

In terms of the economy this begins the
tough period. I know it must seem like we are already in a tough spot but
in truth we are not at the bottom. When Pluto moved back into Sag in the
Spring it brought a certain amount of buoyancy to the economy. And of
course Jupiter in Capricorn has a bounce to it. But now that Pluto will be
wrapping up its stay and heading for Cap, it is not going to take any
hostages. And Jupiter in Cap can help with some cushion but its own lesson
is to provide encouragement and a mature luck. The luck we make
ourselves. …….

Expect sour numbers on the
real estate and economic front, expect sales to be down. A world
recession/depression is in front of us. Or perhaps it is already in effect
and now we embrace it from a mature outlook. The greatest liberation
is to know our limits and during the next 28 days many people, businesses and
leaders will say, “I’m at my limit, this is the best I can give.”
From there we will begin the long road to recovery.

As much as I would like to raise my hand and say, “Yoo Hoo, look how smart I am!” I am not. This is really basic astrology, folks.

So, what does all this mean for now?

On September 11 (yes, that is the date) Pluto will be turning direct after spending the last 5 months retrograde. How does this direct motion differ from last year’s?

Well, since that fateful weekend, the US Government has been keeping our economy going (and therefore the World’s Economy). Had the Federal Government not shoveled mounds and mounds of cash into banks, insurance companies and big businesses—we would all be up THAT creek without a paddle. There would be lines to even get in Bread Lines. It would be that bad. And god knows what all those carb haters would eat.

What will the government do now that Pluto is adjusting course? And given this is our first direct motion by Pluto since moving into Cap...that truly is the $64,000 question.

The last time a retrograded Pluto in Capricorn made its first direct motion in Capricorn was in September 1763---and I find it interesting that in a cursory view of 1763 I found this book: "The Scratch of a Pen: 1763 and the Transformation of North America (Pivotal Moments in American History)" by Colin Calloway.

I think the review of the book is very compelling for us to ponder now.

"In 1763, with the peace treaty that ended the French and Indian War,
France and Spain handed over all the territory east of the Mississippi, as well
as Canada, to the British. In this one stroke, settlers both on the East Coast
and on the frontier came under British rule.... Calloway demonstrates
convincingly that the seeds of the American Revolution were planted in 1763, as
a near-bankrupt Britain began to impose heavy 'taxation without representation.'

The year brought bloody skirmishes between Indians, who were being pushed
off more of their lands, and settlers; Calloway also narrates the expulsion of
Acadians from Nova Scotia and their resettlement in Louisiana. This first-rate
cultural history, part of Oxford's Pivotal Moments in American History series,
reveals that the events of 1763 changed not only the political geography of a
nation but also its cultural geography, as various groups moved from one part of
the country to another."

As you can see 1763 was no small year. I believe we should expect this year to be similarly characterized. But how will it be defined? Is health care the salvo for a new revolution? Or is it something else? Something bigger? Something that puts the government and other governments on a new course? Will there be migrations of people moving from one area to another? What document will be signed that changes the world?

I don't know.

But I know more will be revealed after Pluto turns direct and begins its long slog toward next summer's cardinal climax.

Pluto turns direct September 11, 12:59pm (EDT)

ETA (9/8) And pay special attention to Infrastructure issues. Cap is all about roads, bridges know big Infrastructure and pluto always finds the weak spots.


  1. This made the rounds awhile back but it's probably the best astrology article I've ever read, especially on what Pluto means for the nation.

  2. I don't even need to click on it, charlotte to know it is Michael Lutin's piece. And it is wonderfully clear.
    I actually had a chance to speak about it with him that winter. I was so glad to see that he had written about it by that point I felt a wee bit alone. It is terrific piece.

  3. Interesting about 1763... I decided to put it in my astro program and see what else was going on then, just for kicks.
    In the spring of 1762 Jupiter and Saturn were conjunct in Aries, beginning a new 20 year cycle, and they were also conjunct Uranus (less than 4deg.)
    And now we have, along with Pluto in Cap, Uranus and Saturn in opposition, and Jupiter will get in on the whole cardinal climax party next year... Whole lotta shakin' goin' on! Both then and now.

  4. Yeah, it is that Aries factor that I wonder about the most, Zann. When we have planets in pisces/12th the focus is so much on fuzzy and unworldly know crazies, etc. But they really get us all going so much that we can't see the future and then bam, we move into Aries and the future is on us! battabing!