Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mercury Retrograde

Yesterday on Monday September 7 12:45am (EDT)
Mercury turned retrograde at 6 Libra 13. Normally I would have put up a post reminding everyone about this retograde a few days ago, but to me the punch of the week is all about Pluto's move on the 11th and I kind of feel 'ho hum' about Mercury. But just to remind everyone, Mercury rules communication so you need to slow down and really listen. Sure you are hearing people but are you listening?

This retrograde is taking place in the sign Libra which rules relationships and partners. Not just that person you snuggle with under the morning covers but also your partners at work and any endeavors that are in your life. Libra likes to share which is beautiful but Libra also can be lost in 'grey'. Nothing is black or white for them, they need to process and process and process information. While Mercury is moving backward we will all need to take a breath and really think and listen and weigh everything out. A fast, quick move could cost dearly.

On September 17 Mecury will make a nasty square with Pluto. This will be a call back to August 26 when they first got into a tangle. You may have a revisit to something from that week. Then later in the day on the 17th, 11:26pm (edt) Mercury will move into mental case Virgo. So, we'll go from concerns about our partnerships to concerns about our health and schedule. Curiously, the next day will begin a new moon in Virgo where once again we MUST look at our schedule and decide who is driving the show... is it you or your calendar? How perfect Mercury moves back into the sign before the New Moon. It is is as if Mercury is acting like the blessed canary into the coal mine. If you look at your schedule and you feel like your calendar is making you sick.... guess what, it is. Start cleaning up your daily life. If you don't have time for the important things, family, friends, exercise, eating properly---then FIX it. Remember if you don't fix shit, the Universe will. And that is always a bitch and a half. You have until September 29th 9:13am (Edt) to get that schedule fixed.

Peace be with you.


  1. Tracy, you tell it like it is and I love that! Thanks for this!

  2. I am in the market to buy a house...should I wait until after the retrograde to put an offer on a house? Also, my friend's daughter is moving up her wedding from next June 2010 to Sept 21,2009? Should she wait until after the retrograde to get marriedn?

  3. Please Tracy if you could help that would be wonderful! Living in an apartment with 5 kids gettin old and no space to roam especially for my 6 1/2 month old!!

  4. LynH,
    To do a marriage chart you need to take the groom's and bride's natal chart and find a date that works with their charts. This squeezes the opportune dates into a narrow window but a good one will work for both partners. Having said that I would probably almost NEVER go with one of those opportune dates if they took place during a mercury retrograde. Communication in a marriage is so critical and to have it be frizzled by a retrograde is tough. If they must move up the wedding, I would hope they could wait until the retrograde is over a couple weeks later.

  5. I would NEVER put an offer on a house during a retrograde. NEVER, ever.

    Take a big breath and wait. Also, I don't know where you live but if your market has NOT had a big drop, you stand to lose money on the house for many years. I know somone who is very smart (Business Degree Ivy League school) and they bought a house this year in a market that has fallen some but not a huge amount. She said "We know our house will be worth $100,000 less for at least 10 years but we plan to be here for 30 years."

    And she does not know astrology, if she knew about the aspects we're in she would say...$200,000"

  6. Tracy!

    Thank you! Thank you! You have put my worries away in regards to the housing situation. I can look but don't touch until after the retrograde is over. Your explanation is concise and to the point! I've lived in the apartment with 5 kids and a husband, another 2 months won't kill us. Thank you!
    Also, thank you for getting to the point in regards to getting married during retrograde. You have answered and confirmed our worries about this young couple.
    Thank you for answering my questions so promptly, you have put my worries at ease! Thank you you are a life saver!!!!!