Monday, September 21, 2009

Sun Square Pluto

september 23

Twice a year we will get Sun Square Pluto. This is our second pass at it. The third week of March was the first pass at it. Watch the world to see if there is any activity that reminds of that time in Spring. Also, see what is going on with your own life and see if there is a call back to Spring. It is a tense day and frankly everyone will be bitching a lot. The best way to explain this energy is something that I know as a mom. Just before my son is about to make a big developmental shift he usually has a little backward motion.

For example just before he started to walk he kind of got fussy and moody. Just before his communication skills jumped up he went backward and seemed to not talk much. Then boom..talking in sentences.

What is this?

I'm not a child psychologist so I can't say for certain. But what I do think is that there is a certain fear that comes up when we stretch and grow or are about to stretch and grow and that fear manifests as going backwards. This to me is the Sun Square Pluto. The Sun wants to grow but Pluto is loaded with fear. The irony is that Pluto is filled to the rim with organic power but usually the fear is so great the power switch is off. This is the beauty of the Square.. The Sun is pushing for growth and power of Pluto. It just looks so yucky before it happens.

Expect some yucky on the 23...maybe a little hangover on 24th.

it also doesn't help that Merucry will be opposed Uranus so someone is going to shoot off their mouth in some ridiculous way. Poor slob. Just you don't be that slob.

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