Monday, October 12, 2009

Jupiter Turns Direct

Jupiter turns Direct On Tuesday, October 13 (12:34am EDT) Jupiter which has been retrograde since June will turn direct at 18 degrees of Aquarius. I have discussed previously that this year we are experiencing a conjunction between Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron. It is one of those ‘Aquarius age’ aspects that demands we expand and release and heal ----and we do it as a group.

Once Jupiter turns direct it will be heading for a throw down with the other two planets so be looking for something to catch all of our attention after October 13th. As is often the case we may have an opportunity to learn from others' mistakes—so something in the public will probably be an eye-catching event. And of course, we may step on our own egos by overreaching and causing some upset. Remember to think of the group before you go too far and you should be in good shape. And yeah, I know it is hard but for gawdsakes you have been doing it all year so you should know it now better than ever. Groups count.
On a side note, I have been off my game all day. I know that I am still not a 100 percent since last week's illness but I also think big ol' jupiter has got me down as it slows down and turns direct. I hope that tomorrow I will feel enthused. Perhaps you are feeling similarly?
By Jove, Turn around for us!

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