Friday, October 16, 2009

Up, Up and Away

Fear was paramount as a family and authorities believed a small boy was in the balloon that was reaching several thousand feet. Luckily, he turned out to be in an attic.
I was busy all day and didn't hear about it until NPR did a report while I as driving. At that point the balloon had been found but there was no boy in it, people were worried the boy had fallen out of it. My heart dropped. Later, I saw a headline on my computer that the boy had been found in the house.
By that point people were pissed. My own husband came home annoyed as he said, "I spent big emotional investment in that family when I heard their son was missing and possibly in a balloon. My heart was in my stomach."

Then when he saw the interviews with the dad and that they had been on a TV show my husband was totally annoyed. I believe the quote was, "What a loser!"

I kind of was not invested in it once I heard the boy was found but I did think it was interesting to see my husband's reaction and then later interviews where it was suggested the dad created a hoax for publicity.
I actually don't think it was a deliberate move by the dad. To me it just seemed like kids doing kid stuff but all the reactions remind me of the North/South Node Cap/Cancer climate we are now experiencing. Last week I brought it up with the Letterman/Jon&Kate/McKenzie Phillips business and I see it here too.
We do NOT have the appetite for emotionally charged events. We want things to be cool and Capricorn. We want seasoned, matured actions. We want a dad to keep his kids away from his balloon projects. (why weren't they in school, btw?) We want people to be responsible. If you are sloppy and emotional the world is not diggin' you. We are seeking maturity.


  1. The moment I heard about it I KNEW he was not in the balloon and was likely just hiding somewhere or went to a friend's house without asking. I think it was the media frenzy that made it such an emotional event. It's kinda sad really, the family is "unorthodox" (I watch a LOT of Wife Swap) but why didn't they search the house top to bottom before CNN showed up? That's the Capricorn I was looking for, realistic thinking.

  2. I'm with you, Charlotte. Can we please get some goat on!