Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Venus Square Pluto

On Thursday October 15 1:21pm (EDT) Dear Sweet Venus moves into an exact square with dangerous, lethal Pluto. The best way to visualize this aspect is to think James Bond (Pluto) and any of his Bond Women (Venus). Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang.

If there is a dark energy in your soul this week you can blame Pluto and Venus. Things that have always had our passion and desire may feel 'off' this week. You normally love getting coffee with that certain friend every Thursday but this week you ask yourself, "Why do we always get together?" Or your partner just bugs the crap out of you. Or you look at your bank account and you say, "how the 'eff did my money get so low?" This is Pluto Square Venus. Of course, your jealousy could come up in big throes. "How come SHE always has the fun friends to hang out with?" "How come they have so much money?" "Who is emailing my husband/wife?"

The good news is that this energy is fast moving. It will be out of effect within a few days but there is more to this picture than you or I getting annoyed with our spouse. It really answers a bigger question. "What are my values and how is my life not reflecting those values?"

This happens twice a year (more if there is a retrograde) and the last time these two got together was May 2nd. At that time Venus was in Aries and the energy was circling around our need for independence versus status quo. You may want to go back to your calendar and see where you were wanting freedom. This time Venus is in Libra which puts the focus on the other guy--our relationships. So, naturally we think our problems are because of 'others'. Perhaps that is true. But perhaps it is more about how we 'relate' to that other guy that is the problem.

Like I said it does not last forever but if you can use this as a learning experience you will be making the most of the aspect. What changes can you make in your life that improve your relationships? Do it now.

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