Saturday, October 17, 2009

Libra New Moon 2009--The business of relating

I just posted my New Moon In Libra article over HERE Between the aspects with Chiron/Neptune, the square between Saturn and Pluto, Saturns move into Libra, The beef with Mars and the Nodes---It is going to be a big 28 days. Please read the whole article on the link but here is a snippet.

Balancing on the thin edge of a new

During Libra we seek balance. We want to rest
for a minute and let someone else pick up the ball. We want to share our
world and we want others to share their world. It is not a greedy sign,
but it does seek “fairness”. If Libra feels it is giving and giving it
will get resentful. It is not a martyr but it can get trapped sometimes in
a role. And when a Libra feels trapped they will compare themselves to others
over and over again. This is partly motivated by perceived ‘weakness’ but
in truth Libra is hunting for balance. They like to see how others do
things. Go to dinner with a Libra you will find them talking a great deal
about how others “do” relationship. At first glance it might seem like
gossip --but it really isn’t. They share the stories more like a botanist
shares research of a new species of rose. “That couple does this, that guy
does that, that gal does this.” Which really to them is --- “Isn’t that
interesting? I can’t do it that way but they can.” Of
course, the unspoken thought is, “What would it be like if I did do it that

On this lunar cycle you will find yourself
synthesizing a lot of information. You will see others in a different
light. Not a bad light, just a different light. Perhaps a light will
turn on that has not been turned on ever. We will all be researching the
fine art of ‘relating’.

During this twenty eight day cycle we will
find ourselves seeking balance. We will look carefully at our lives and if we
are giving way too much in one area we may find ourselves pulling back. It
is not so much of a retreat as giving others the opportunity to ‘step up” and do
some of the work. Of course, it would behoove us to avoid going into
a place of resentment. Also what if there is an area where we have
been lazy and not pulling our share? Prepare to get BUSTED. Afteral,
it is all fair on Libra lunar cycle.

“You hoo, anyone
home? It’s Saturn?”
Probably more this lunar cycle than any
other Libra cycle we are going to really ‘get’ it that our relationships need
some work. And I’m not only talking about husbands and wives. Yes, they
count but it is relating in general that needs work. Do you listen
to people or do you not hear them because you have already moved on to what you
are going to say next? Is that relating or is that an
audience? How do you share? How are you superficial (the
low side of Libra)? How do you work in relationship? Do you do all
the work hoping to please your partner? How is that working for you?
(Tell the truth). Do you show up and give it your all or are you a ‘tit
for tat’ person? Why am I asking these questions? Because on October 29,
Saturn is going to move into Libra. For the last two years Saturn has been
in Virgo and I have been asking you to clean up your diet and get your schedule
and your calendars together-- basically I have pushed you to get your Virgo
together. Now, Saturn is leaving Virgo and moving into Libra where
it will be overhauling relationships, partnerships and relating in
general. The last time Saturn was in Libra was 1980-1982. Do
you remember how you did relationships then? I hope it has
improved. If you are too young to have experienced that one, you have
between now and 2012 to work it out. In April Saturn will
retrograde back to Virgo so we can get one last pass at cleaning our schedules,
diet and health. But for right now we need to bring out the broom and fix
our partnerships and relationship habits. Now, I have said this a
jillion times and I’ll say it a jillion more, I do not believe in
accidents. Saturn’s move into Libra could have happened at any time in the
year. It could have happened on the Taurus lunar cycle or the Aquarius
Lunar cycle or the Sagittarius Lunar cycle. But it is not happening
then. Instead it is happening on the Libra New Moon. To me this is
beautiful. We are beginning the clean up period of relationships in THE
relationship lunar cycle. It is as if Spirit wanted to help us shift our
attention by highlighting it. Let’s face it, if you are supposed to get a
new hairdo-- wouldn’t the best time to think about it be while you are at a Hair
stylists convention? Bad ones, great ones, new colors, new styles, extensions,
hair gel, it will all be out there for you to see as you assess your own
hairdo. This is what is going to happen when Saturn moves into
Libra. We will be ten days into the Libra lunar cycle when it
hits. The convention of relationships will be in full force when the
harshest critic (Saturn) arrives. But remember, you do not need to
have everything fixed in twenty eight days. We have two years.
Saturn just wants to get your attention that is why he arrived now. And
for those of you who are not in relationship, you should be able to use Saturn
to your advantage and get serious about what you need to do to get one
going. Ask friends for set ups. Don’t be shy. That perfect
stranger sitting next to you at a party may be the next Mr Right or Ms
Right. Begin the work. Did I mention “work” is a Saturn word?

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