Thursday, April 10, 2014

Cyclone Ita Australia

David Crook at Stellar Insight has put up a post on the cyclone about to barrel down on Queensland. Note the astro tie in.  

Queensland Braces for Cyclone Ita

-From BBC News
"The Australian state of Queensland is bracing for the arrival of Cyclone Ita, a category five storm set to hit its far north coast.

The storm is expected to hit the Cape York peninsula late on Friday night, bringing very destructive winds.

It was expected to bring damaging waves to some low-lying areas, the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) said, and heavy rain could cause flooding.

It is the strongest storm to hit since Cyclone Yasi, which struck in 2011.

Cyclone Ita was expected to make landfall between Cape Melville and Cape Tribulation "as a severe category five tropical cyclone with very destructive winds near the core and gales extending some distance from the landfall", the BOM said." Read More
From Stellar Insights Astrology
The April 15 lunar eclipse in Cairns, AUS., features the dynamic cardinal grand cross quite prominently. Mars is exactly rising and Pluto is anti-culminating on the 4th house cusp, which is especially telling of extremely powerful weather with potentially destructive force. And Mars is now perigee- closest to the earth as it gets, while Pluto is stationary retrograde. (I mentioned this weeks ago on my Stellar Insights FB page- but did not know the precise form this violent tension would take.)

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