Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Week Ahead

Have you ever been in a car and the driver steps on the gas and you think, “Are we going too fast for this road”?   Good then you won’t be surprised by this week.

We are in a gibbous moon over the weekend. 

Focus on:
As you consider how your life is evolving and where you want to go what details are you missing?  How does your daily schedule reflect the life you want?  How are you daily actions and habits?  What do you do every day?  Seriously, what is your daily life and schedule?  If your life is not exactly what you want—then get real and look at your daily stuff.   What does it say?

Special Focus:

4/14: Mercury/Uranus brilliant but chaotic communication.  Disjointed thinking.

On Monday Pluto turns retrograde.  Once a year Pluto goes backwards for five months signaling a time of internal research.  Pluto is the planet that goes deep down, down to our DNA and finds evolution.  It is the planet that makes us say, “I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.”  

It will be retrograde until September 23.    This is a great time to let go of ingrained habits and patterns, the ones that you may have had for a very long time but don’t always track.   This is about plumping that does not work.  Not necessarily the plumbing in your house but the plumbing in your psyche, your emotions, your beliefs.  Watch what comes up for the next five months and consider if there is something off with your ‘plumbing’ and fix it. 
He turns retrograde at 13 Aries 35 which has  the Sabian symbol:

An Ancient Bas-Relief Carved In Granite Remains A Witness To A Long-Forgotten Culture

We will have a Lunar full moon eclipse on April 15.  This will be the first of four full lunar eclipses (one each six months apart) for the next two years.    This full moon has been called a Blood Moon in some circles.  I won’t belabor the Blood Moon here but for more information go to this LINK  .

Full Moon Phase
Lunar Eclipse

April 15, 2014
25 Libra 16
3:42am edt

Focus on: 

How do you negotiate?  What is going on with your relationships?  How do you find balance?  Where are you shallow?  Where are you fiery and passionate?   Where are you too much one way and not enough of the other?   What do you look like when you find the middle?   Do you resist it?  Why?

I will put up a post for the full moon in the next day or so.

Special focus:
4/15: Mercury /Pluto:  Dark thoughts.  Penetrating thoughts that speak of breaking out or seeking power.
4/16: Mercury/Mars: Harsh tongue, flippant, impulsive, everyone has ADHD
4/17: Venus/Jupiter: Joy while expanding, doors open to resources. 

At the end of the week we move into Disseminating phase.

April 18
5:37pm EDT
Disseminating Moon Phase

Focus on: How are sharing your bigness?  How are you sharing your enthusiasm to learn something new?  How are you learning about building bridges?  How do you bring in ‘foreign’ information?

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