Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tuesday---April 8

Sun Opposite Mars

In my new moon report I spoke of today's aspect as:

4/8: Sun/Mars—watch the temper tantrums. If not yours then the other people tantrums.

I'm halfway through the day and I think I should have also said, "Watch the venting volcano"     I don't know about you but I have taken a few phone calls and emails texts etc and on the other end was a big ol' steam vent.   People frustrated, people angry, people  upset and looking for a vent. 

If you are hearing it, try not to get too engaged.  Just let the volcano spew and move on.  


  1. Mars retrograde? Can it make everything stall,spill, break, come undone or freak out? OMG I am cursed!

  2. We all are feeling it.
    There is an any energy behind the scenes that is just so stupid and annoying. People trying to save face a bit. blech.

  3. I felt like this yesterday, today has been surprisingly calm...

    1. Same here. I seem to experience things a day or more in advance. Good thing too -- fewer clashes, though others are probably wondering "What's up with her?".

  4. Oh, i thought the bump was over but oh, it is not. The tension is building. for sure.