Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Mercury Stations Retrograde September 9


Mercury Retrograde 

Important Dates:

August 20 – Mercury enters shadow 

August 25 – Mercury enters Libra 

September 9 – Mercury station retrograde 8 Libra 55 - 8:38 pm pdt 

September 23 – Mercury re-enters Virgo 

October 2 – Mercury stations direct 2:07am pdt 

October 10 – Mercury re-enters Libra 

October 16 – Mercury exits shadow 



Because the Universe has a sense of humor, adding more to our brains, Mercury will be retrograde for three weeks in the 29-day Virgo cycle.    Sure.  


Whenever Mercury retrogrades, we know it is important to take a moment.   Slow down our thinking and our communication.  Think before we speak.   Most of this retrograde is in the sign Libra.  How we partner with others is up for appraisal during this Mercury retrograde.   How do we behave in partnership?  Are we snippy?  Do we cave too much?   Mercury in Libra spends a lot of time pondering fairness.  With Mercury retrograde we may need to re-think fairness.   Is it based on equity?  Or is it tit for tat?  Or is it giving up rather than true negotiating?    Mercury in Libra can unfortunately fall into passive aggressiveness.   Saying they will be there, do that, show up etc but then not.   During the Mercury retrograde there may be some who will call out lack of commitments.   At the same time others may speak of feeling pushed to do something or not feeling heard.    Curiously, Mars, is in trine with Mercury which should help the process of clarity.   Mars likes to cut through bullshit. 


Mercury in Libra will have us thinking a lot about finding balance.   How to unplug?  How to bring out the opposite of whatever is feeling too much.   If we have been going down paths for a while that are no longer satisfying the Mercury retrograde may offer up thoughts about a new path that would be worth pursuing perhaps after the retrograde.  

There are two weeks of the retrograde where Mercury will have returned to Virgo.    This will be a window where we will be looking at our schedules and assessing if they are in alignment with our values.   Virgo knows the power of doing something every day.  Is there something that should be on our daily schedule that is missing?  It might pop up between September 23 and October 2nd.  


Mercury will oppose Jupiter three times (Sept 2, Sept 18 and Oct 12).  Partnering with others that broaden our world could be significant.   A person from another country or other politics, religion, culture.  It could be someone from our neighborhood who just has a different take or someone from another corner of our city.   Jupiter in Aries is all about independence and new roads and opportunities.   Mercury in Libra likes to share thoughts.   See what comes up between Sept 2 and October 12 that brings you with new people and thinking and how it strengthens independence.    And remember maybe it is you who is bringing the opportunity, too.  


As always, with every Mercury retrograde be thoughtful about all emails and correspondences, phone calls and social media postings.   If you can make major purchases after the retrograde that is usually smart and double check all reservations. 

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