Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Mercury Station Direct: October 2, 2:07am PDT


Mercury Retrograde 

Important Dates:

8/20:         Mercury enters shadow 

8/25:         Mercury enters Libra 

9/ 9:          Mercury station retrograde 8 Libra 55

9/23:        Mercury re-enters Virgo

10/2:        Mercury stations direct 2:07am (PDT) 24 Virgo 12  

10/10:      Mercury re-enters Libra 

10/16:       Mercury exits shadow 


Personally, this has been one bitch of a Mercury retrograde.   I am really not certain any item has arrived where or when it was supposed to have landed without a jillion phone calls by me.   As always, I am sure many of us will kiss anything that is holy when Mercury stations direct.  


These are the two weeks of the retrograde where Mercury has returned to Virgo.   We will think about our daily life and our schedule and how much of it is in sync with our values and where we are out of balance.  Is there too much time going to _____?   While we are exploring our role in relationships, some of our thinking may need fine tuning.   We will be thinking and rethinking a lot about what we ask of others.   We also will consider what others ask of us. 

Virgo knows the power of doing something every day.  Is there something that should be on our daily schedule that is missing?  It might pop up between September 23 and October 2nd.  


On October 10, Mercury returns to Libra.  We have already discussed Jupiter’s opposition to the Sun/Moon in Libra.    On October 12, now it is Mercury that will oppose Jupiter.   Jupiter is speaking to the planet of our thoughts and communication.   This is the third time this aspect has hit (Sept 2 & Sept 18).  How have we been partnering with others that broadens our world?  What are we saying?  What are we thinking?  How are we shifting our philosophy?  How have others from outside of our usual circles, been an important influence in our own thinking?   Maybe they have shared an experience or asked for help.  Perhaps by showing up for others, we realize that we need to prepare for something in our own future.   See what comes up between Sept 2 and October 12 that brings you with new people and new thinking, new opinions and philosophies and how it strengthens your independence or puts a new path in front of you.    Perhaps you are sharing your own knowledge as well.   



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