Thursday, September 8, 2022

Pisces Full Moon: September 10, 2022


Pisces Full Moon 

September 10, 2022

2:59am PDT 


!7 Pisces 41 


A full moon announces to the world, “Hey the thing that you have been focused on for the last two weeks---let’s stop that for a minute.”    This is true of every full moon when two weeks after the launch of the new phase, the moon having traversed the sky is now opposite the sun.   It is big and glorious and shiny and bright because it is opposite the sun.    Every full moon culminates the energy of the waxing new by bringing the biggest flashlight and shines on us mere earthlings.    How it gets our attention can be a coax, or an inner knowing that it is time to reevaluate something, or it can be a sudden shock into action.   Whatever way it does it, the full moon gets our attention.  


All Pisces full moons speak to quieting the mind.    Pisces is watery and Virgo is earthy.   For two weeks we have been celebrating our check off lists.   Our to-dos have been getting to-done.   Great.   Our discerning eye has been assessing problems and fixing stuff.   We are using our practicality to manage our life.   But at the same time if our brain has been too ‘on’ and we are just doing, doing, doing or if issues of anxiety are on the verge of overwhelming us, we need Pisces to stop and find a way to calm self.    Pisces speaks to intuition, learning to trust and going in deep and connecting to something universal.    If Virgo is being in the weeds, Pisces is in the cosmos and they both need each other.  


This full moon lands the day after Mercury stations retrograde.   Mercury is the ruling planet of Virgo so there is a punch to this retrograde that will no doubt get our attention.  The retrograde is predominately in the sign of Libra so issues around relationships and finding balance are on our minds.   Have we been too _____ with partner or has partner been too ____ with us.   Partnerships can speak to our significant other, but partners also are people at our work or groups or community or friendships that we have partnered.  How are they working?     Then there is the issue of being out of balance.  How are we filling our days?   Are we doing too much of one thing?   What are we missing?   Too much time on the couch?  Too much time doing work?   Too much time cleaning up messes?  Both ours or someone elses?  Or not pulling our weight?   So, in this Mercury retrograde environment, we have the Pisces full moon land within 24 hours, amplifying adjustments we may need to make.    It could be a big ass full-moony drama or it could be something small and subtle but how we respond is really the question.    


In the chart for the Full moon, the sun and the moon square Mars in Gemini and the sun trines and the Moon sextiles Uranus.    The mars square suggest a quickening, something comes up fast and Mars wants to get on it right away.   However, if there is a delay, our nerves may feel on fire and anxiousness can be pronounced.    This is when discretion is key.   Mars in Gemini can race around and have too many superficial conversations or research self into a frenzy.  By using Pisces ability to meditate and Virgo discretionary skills we are best served by going deep, reflect and in that quiet place we can reach out to specific others for input.  Uranus can bring a surprise and mix things up.   Change may be welcomed, and Uranus supports our ability to pivot if there is a need.     


Pisces is our intuition.  It is our faith.  It is how we remember that we are part of the universe.   Where Pisces is complicated is when it goes too far out and relies on substances or delusional thinking.  Or avoids things that have needed addressing.   Addictions and misguided thinking may need to be called out through a compassionate voice.  A voice used for others or the person in the mirror.     There is power in forgiveness which usually starts with self.  


For three days:  Find your quiet.   Find your discretion.    Find your balance.     I will, too.   





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