Monday, January 10, 2022

Astrology during the week of January 10th - Jan 17


This Week


We continue to be in the waxing moon with first quarter phase.   Take care with all actions on the 11th, Mars square Neptune can make for fuzzy motives on actions. 

On the 14th Mercury will station retrograde where we will double check all details before we sign off, send off or take off.   Double check everything and save your big purchases until after Feb 3 when Mercury turns direct. 

On 16th Sun conjuncts Pluto- a once a year event.   Issues around Big Government and Big Business that need depth and resolution by exploring the roots of the issues.   




First Quarter Moon 

Jan 9

10:11am PST   



Focus on:  What actions are you taking that lean into your personality?  What actions are you taking that push your identity?   What actions are you doing that take care of self?  



Special Note


Jan 10:  Sun sextile Neptune:   Creativity is high with practical application.   Reality meets dreams and imagination.  Maturity meets creativity. 

Jan 11: Mars square Neptune:   Actions based on what?  Are you being given the straight info?  Intuition is high but actions need to be thought out.   Fuzzy action and motives. 



Gibbous Moon

January 13, 2022

12:45 pm   



Focus on:  How are you refining your language?  How are you using discrimination in your communication?  How are you finding details in information you are learning or sharing? 



Special focus

Jan 14:   Mercury retrograde.  10 Aquarius 20 (see above) 3:41am

Jan 16:  Sun conjunct Pluto.  The shadows in our hearts, psyches, reality are pricked.  What’s transparent?  What’s hidden?  Sunlight is the greatest antiseptic.   New growth needs real structure.    



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