Monday, January 17, 2022

Astrology of this Week: January 17 - 23


This week is no day in the country.   Put on your seatbelts we have got a lot of ups and downs and twists and turns.  


On the 17t, the sun conjuncts Pluto quickly followed by the launch of the Cancer Full Moon.    Our emotions will be churned up as we find our place in the world and use our authentic feelings.     Manipulators and bullies will be put on notice, practical actions that speak to truth and authentic feelings will be amplified.   On the 18th, Uranus turns direct and a few hours later the nodes change sign.   It is a very stimulated day.    Then on the 19th the Sun moves into Aquarius, shifting us from building our careers and our place into the world and pivoting to finding our groups and bringing our jam to the party and doing big things as a group. 


On the 21st we move out of the full moon and into disseminating phase where we can share the knowledge, we have on staying on point, focused on details.    



Focus on 

The Cancer Full Moon.   How are our emotions reminding us of something important?    What do our feelings motivate in us?   How is family influencing us?  Even if family does not look like the family from our past, who is it influencing us?   



Special focus 


Jan 18: Uranus station direct 10 Taurus 49 (see above) 7:25am

Jan 18: North Node enters Taurus (see above) 


Jan 19: Sun Trine North Node.   Concrete realities are showcased and desired.    

Jan 19: Sun enters Aquarius 




January 21, 2021   

1:41pm PST 




Focus on:  How are you sharing your refinement abilities?  How are you sharing the importance of discretion?  How are you sharing the power of a well-run schedule?   How are you sharing technical and details that other people may be missing?  



Special focus:


Jan 24: Mars enters Capricorn.  Pragmatic actions.  Actions that support greater goals.  Business and moving out into the world actions are highlighted.  

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