Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Astrology for Aug 11 - 15


Nothing says Leo like a sunny sunflower.

Today is the 11th and we still have about 12 more hours of Leo New Moon.   Lean into the sunny.  Crescent phase starts at 9:18pm PDT so between and then plant some seeds that spark joy in you.  Find fun.   Find love.  Find your generous spirit.  Enjoy a little theatrics, telll the Leo New Moon, "I'm here." Venus enters Libra on 15th, her home sign bringing more love and relationships into our focus.   Smooch! 

Crescent Moon Phase

August 11, 2021

9:18pm PDT



Focus on: What are you learning about your relationships?  What are you learning about how you relate to others -one on one?  When you sit on the other side of another human what do you bring?  How are you open to what the other person brings?  Where do you bring balance in your life?  How do you calibrate when to go, when to slow, when to stop?   How do you measure and balance your vitality? 



Special Focus




First Quarter Moon 

August 15, 2021 

8:19am PDT  


Focus on:  What actions are you doing that cut away anything that depletes your vitality?   What are you doing to go deep and tap your quiet deep resolve that can get things done in your life?   



Special Note


8/15: Venus enters Libra 


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